Tremendous entry of cattle at Enniskillen

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A tremendous entry of cattle for December at Thursday’s cattle sales in Enniskillen.

In the Bullock Ring Light weight bullocks sold from 210 to 240p for a CH 360kg @ 865. Medium weights sold from 205 to 252p for a CH 418kg @ 1055.Heavy lots sold from 190 to 230ppk for a LIM 518kg @1190 and selling up to 1355 per head.

BULLOCKS: Enniskillen producer CH 418kg @1055, LIM 432kg @1030, LI 404kg @960; Kesh producer CH 468kg @1160, CH 426kg @1000; Springfield producer LIM 382kg @885; Roscor producer CH 486kg @1140; Maguiresbridge producer LIM 518kg @1190; Newtownbutler producer CH 608kg @1335, LIM 534kg @1160, CH 638kg @1350; Tempo producer CH 574kg @1250


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £600 to £980 paid for a 362kg CH, while HFRS ranged from £480 to £910for a 365kg CH.

Ruling Price: Newtownbutler producer 362 CH steer @980, 333kg CH hfr @740, 388kg CH hfr @820, 360kg CH steer @880; Derrygonnelly producer 243kg CH hfr @570, 289kg CH hfr @600, 288kg CH hfr @605, 364kg CH bull @965, 330kg CH bull @800; Enniskillen producer 362kg LIM bull @830, 338kg LIM hfr @740, 342kg LIM hfr @790, 404kg LIM steer @880; Garrison producer 255kg CH bull @680, 311kg LIM hfr @645, 241kg SIM bull @590; Letterbreen producer 318kg CH bull @795, 302kg LIM bull @715, 233kg CH hfr @620; Derrylin producer 214kg CH hfr @705, 238kg CH bull @780, 245kg CH bull @715, 241kg CH bull @755, 233kg CH hfr @620; Lisnaskea producer 408kg CH steer @1005, 329kg CH hfr @805, 412g CH steer @935, 388kg CH steer @955; Kinawley 380kg CH hfr @765, 299kg CH hfr @680, 423 LIM hfr @910; Kesh producer 269kg CH hfr @605, 244kg CH bull @660, 268kg LIM hfr @530; Garrison producer 315kg CH hfr @640, 299kg LIM bull @720, 340kg LIM bull @820; Fivemiletown producer 288kg DAQ bull @630, 306kg DAQ hfr @710, 219kg DAQ hfr @590

CALVES: Tamlaght producer BB bull @325, AA bull @245; Churchill producer BB bull @280; Kinawley producer CH hfr @320; Florencecourt producer BB bull @275, BB bull @240; Tempo producer BB bull 260; Lisnaskea producer CH bull @250; Irvinestown producer LIM hfr @245, LIM bull @240; Springfeild producer FR bull @135

SUCKLER COWS: Letterbreen producer SIM cow with bull @1640, SIM cow with bull@1300, AA cow with bull @1360; Lisbellaw producer HERE cow with bull @1490; Fivemiletown producer LIM cow with bull @1460, SPG LIM hfr @1460; Ederney producer SIM cow with bull @1320; Corrick producer LIM cow with bull @1300


Forward lots sold to 200ppk paid for a 550kg CH @1000. Medium weights from 180- 218ppk paid for a 455kg @990. Enniskillen producer CH 550kg @1100, CH 520kg @1040, CH 500kg @1000; Lisnaskea producer CH 450kg @990, CH 440kg @980, CH 420kg @900; Newtown CH 500kg @1000, CH 430kg @900; Roslea producer CH 360kg @800, CH 350kg @750

Fat cows

Beef lots sold to 183ppk paid for a 700kg CH @1290, Other lighter lots sold to 198ppk paid for a 570kg CH @1135, FR cows sold from 72-142ppk paid for a 620kg FR @870; Florencecourt producer CH 700kg @1290, CH 680kg @1160; Garrison producer CH 770kg @1120; Maguiresbridge producer CH 690kg @1090; Lisnaskea producer 570kg CH @1070; Enniskillen producer CH 596kg @1070; Derrylin producer CH 610kg @990