Tremendous turnout for Camlough Mart Christmas Show and Sale

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Camlough Mart had a tremendous turn out for their recent Christmas show and sale with probably the best display of show cattle we have seen for some time.

The mart would like to offer their gratitude to all the sellers at the sale, to all the buyers and to all of the many sponsors.

The mart would also like to thank Nigel Matchett who was the judge, who had

a difficult task selecting the prize winners and to the auctioneer Ciaran Laverty who was on top form also.

The show champion was presented by Darren Mullen from Newtownhamilton, a super 640kg Charolais heifer and was purchased once again by the Hughes family from the local Nisa Extra in Camlough for an excellent £2,000.

The mart very much appreciate the support they receive each year from the Hughes and perhaps over the coming weeks you could pay the butchery counter a visit and try the excellent beef on offer.

The would also like to thank all those who contributed to the annual Christmas Hospice collection in both sale yards, a sum of over £3,000 was raised.

Steers prices

640kg, £246.90/100kg, £1,580, 680kg, £245.60/100kg, £1,670, 585kg,£239.30/100kg, £1,400, 615kg, £237.40/100kg, £1,460, 790kg, £235.40/100kg, £1,860, 475kg, £229.50/100kg, £1,090, 610kg, £226.20/100kg, £1,380, 640kg, £225.00/100kg, £1,440, 580kg, £222.40/100kg, £1,290, 450kg,£222.20/100kg, £1,000, 620kg, £219.40/100kg, £1,360, 665kg, £218.00/100kg, £1,450, 500kg, £216.00/100kg, £1,080, 320kg, £216.00/100kg, £690, 465kg, £215.10/100kg, £1,000, 450kg, £213.30/100kg, £960, 740kg, £212.80/100kg, £1,575, 535kg, £212.10/100kg, £1,135, 750kg, £212.00/100kg, £1,590.

Heifer prices

640kg, £312.50/100kg, £2,000, 480kg, £266.70/100kg, £1,280, 675kg, £254.80/100kg, £1,720, 470kg, £248.90/100kg, £1,170, 645kg, £248.10/100kg, £1,600, 505kg, £247.50/100kg, £1,250, 485kg, £239.20/100kg, £1,160, 515kg, £233.00/100kg, £1,200, 645kg, £232.60/100kg, £1,500, 600kg,£232.50/100kg, £1,395, 470kg, £229.80/100kg, £1,080, 545kg, £228.40/100kg, £1,245, 610kg, £227.90/100kg, £1,390, 565kg, £227.40/100kg, £1,285, 490kg, £226.50/100kg, £1,110, 570kg, £226.30/100kg, £1,290, 670kg, £224.60/100kg, £1,505, 555kg, £224.30/100kg, £1,245, 485kg, £222.70/100kg, £1,080, 530kg, £222.60/100kg, £1,180, 520kg, £221.20/100kg, £1,150.

Fat cows

675kg, £175.60/100kg, £1,185, 635kg, £141.70/100kg, £900.


320kg, £300.00/100kg, £960, 335kg, £277.60/100kg, £930, 365kg, £263.00/100kg, £960, 225kg, £253.30/100kg, £570, 260kg, £246.20/100kg, £640, 350kg, £245.70/100kg, £860, 355kg, £242.30/100kg, £860.

The mart would like to take this opportunity to wish all their customers a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and thank everyone for their support throughout 2017.

The mart look forward to another successful year in 2018.

Camlough sale yard will re-open on the Wednesday 3rd January at 11am and Keady sale yard will re-open on Friday 5th January at 12 noon.