Very strong trade for cattle at Pomeroy Mart

An outstanding show on Thursday sold to a very strong trade.

Prices as follows:


Joe McQuaid £1095/530kg, £1000/480kg, Angela Paisley £965/500kg, £960/530kg, £955/500kg, £890/480kg, Joe McQuaid £900/460kg, Kevin Donnelly £900/360kg, Seamus Mullin £885/410kg, £840/370kg, Vincent Rafferty £870/360kg, Joe McQuaid £840/440kg, D and I Murphy £840/340kg, Aidan McCrory £825/390kg, Vincent Rafferty £815/400kg, Dominic Hamill £800/320kg, £760/330kg, £790/360kg, Michael Clarke £800/420kg, James Anderson £790/430kg, Andrew Lewis £780/370kg, Seamus McCrory £775/330kg, Gary Daly £770/390kg, Michael Donaghy £770/360kg, Kieran Harvey £760/350kg, D and I Murphy £760/370kg, G Bradley £760/380kg, Dominic Hamill £750/320kg, £740/360kg, Teresa Daly £745/330kg, Kieran Harvey £745/350kg, Teresa Daly £720/290kg and Kevin McAleer £720/280kg.


Most Popular

    Michael Corrigan £1230, Brian Watt £1180/570kg, £1175/560kg, £1140/550kg, £1135/570kg, £1120/560kg, £1020/480kg, Peter Nugent £1000/530kg, Angela Paisley £975/520kg, Hugh Duggan £895/430kg, £890/440kg, £800/360kg, Patrick McKenna £885/540kg, A McCrory £800/430kg, £770/410kg, Wayne McElmurray £795/390kg, Kevin Donnelly £770/330kg, Kieran Harvey £760/350kg, Seamus Mullin £740/350kg, Dominic Hamill £740/350kg, Vincent Rafferty £730/340kg, Kieran Harvey £660/270kg, Michael Donaghy £660/330kg, Kevin Donnelly £650/290kg, T and B McCullagh £620/290kg, Vincent Rafferty £610/260kg, S O’Neill £600/270kg, D and I Murphy £600/310kg, Michael Kerr £595/290kg, £590/270kg and Kieran Harvey £595/270kg.