Weanling and calves sell to £1,015 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Another good entry of cattle on Friday saw over 120 dropped calves sell to £415 for a Belgian Blue heifer from Newcastle with a second lot at £390.

Bull calves topped at £360 twice for Mayobridge and Lisburn farmers.

Weanling calves sold to £1,015 for a Charolais bull from Castlewellan.

Strong Friesian sturks from Newry sold to £650 twice.

Store heifers to £1,100 for a 578k Charolais from Clough.

Bullocks cleared up to £1,210 for a 600k Limousin and £1,060 for a 598k Simmental, both from a Begney farm. £1120 for a 570k Simmental from Backaderry.

Holstein fat cows sold to £765 for 700k from Dromore.


Newcastle farmer: Belgian Blue heifers, £415, £390 and £310. Mayobridge farmer: Montbeliarde bull £360. Lisburn farmer: Montbeliarde bulls £360. Seafin farmer: Limousin bulls £340 and £330. Ballykeel farmer: Belgian Blue heifers £345 and £290. Derrylecka farmer: Simmental bull £330. Ballyward farmer: Limousin bulls £330 and £320. Saintfield farmer: Limousin bull £330. Rathfriland farmer: Belgian Blue bulls £325 and £305. Newcastle farmer: Belgian Blue heifer £310.


Castlewellan farmer: pen of Charolais bulls, 494k at £1,015, 526k at £970, 434k at £920, heifers 380k at £725 and 302k at £665. Drumarkin farmer: pen of Limousins, 364k at £760, 356k at £750, 366k at £745, 346k at £745, 346k at £745, 356k at £705. Castlewellan farmer: 398k at £790, 290k at £590. Annaclone farmer: 242k at £600, 282k at £645, 262k at £550, 272k at £550. Rathfriland farmer: 246k at £465, 260k at £490. Slieveniskey farmer: 205k at £460, 194k at £395, 198k at £380, 238k at £450 etc.


Clough farmer: 578k at £1,100, 592k at £990, 576k at £950, 512k at £880. Moneyslane farmer: 570k at £915, 472k at £820. Co Armagh farmer: 476k at £900, 370k at £800. Dromara farmer: 500k at £855. Kilkeel farmer: 272k at £490, 240k at £445. Ballyward farmer: 290k at £590.


Dromara farmer: 604k at £1,210. Bacaderry farmer: 572k at £1120, 498k at £1060, 438k at £1000. Ballycross farmer: 552k at £1000, 540k at £980. Newry farmer: 498k at £970, 524k at £920, 464k at £860, 446k at £800, 470k at £800 and 422k at £770. Castlewellan farmer: 476k at £890, 454k at £785.

Hoggets sold to £107.50 for a Ballynahinch farmer with light stores to 513p/k for 11.5k at £59 from Hillsborough. Fat ewes sold to £100 per head with more over the £80 mark. The first sizable no of ewes with lambs at foot sold to £190 for doubles from a Newcastle farm with singles from Banbridge to £182.


Ballynahinch farmer: 28k at £107.50. Dromore farmer: 27.6k at £105.50. Quilly farmer: 25.3k at £105. Hilltown farmer: 27k at £104. Saintfield farmer: 25.6k at £104. Maze farmer: 26.2k at £103 and 26k at £103. Kilkeel farmer: 24.9k at £103. Hilltown farmer: 27.4k at £103. Portaferry farmer: 25k at £103. Hillsborough farmer: 11.5k at £59. Ballynahinch farmer: 18k at £82.50. Newcastle farmer: 15k at £68.50. Hilltown farmer: 19.8k at £86.50. Dromore farmer: 20k at £87.


Rathfriland farmer: £100. Annaclone farmer: £88. Scarva farmer: £87. Kilcoo farmer: £85. Ballynahinch farmer: £85. Warringstown farmer: £85. Dromara farmer: £83. Rathfriland farmer: £83.


Newcastle farmer: Ewes with two lambs at foot to £190 and singles to £150. Banbaridge farmer: Ewes with a single lamb to £182.