Weanling bull sells to £1,350 at Hilltown Mart

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At Hilltown Mart last Monday night (September 25th) there was a tremendous trade for all stock as breeding sale was packed to capacity.

Breeding rams: Warrenpoint farmer, £580, £560, £350, Downpatrick farmer, £490. Poyntzpass farmer, £480, £370. Cabra farmer, £425, £350. Rathfriland farmer £360.

Breeding ewes: Rathfriland farmer, £130, £114, £110. Hilltown farmer, £130. Ballynahinch farmer, £128. Kilkeel farmer, £125 (twice).

Weanling bull sold to £1,350.

The first suckler sale of the year saw all quality stock in high demand on Tuesday 26th September.

Weanling males: 1st, £1,060 for 372kg (284ppk) from Banbridge farmer. 2nd, £1,350 for 430kg (314ppk) from Kilkeel farmer. 3rd, £900 for 356kg (252ppk) from Ballynahinch farmer.

Weanling heifers: 1st, £940 for 370kg (254ppk) from Ballynahinch farmer. 2nd, £875 for 318kg (275ppk) from Ballynahinch farmer.

Weanling males: Castlewellan farmer, £1,080 for 452kg (238ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £1,050 for 326kg (322ppk). Ballynaninch farmer, £1,050 for 420kg (250ppk), £1,045 for 384kg (272ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £1,035 for 428kg (240ppk), £1,025 for 400kg (256ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £1,030 for 428kg (240ppk), £1,030 for 400kg (256ppk). Enniskillen farmer, £970 for 268kg (361ppk). Attical farmer, £970 for 428kg (226ppk). Rostrevor farmer, £960 for 432kg (222ppk), £955 for 428kg (223ppk).

Weanling heifers: Hilltown farmer, £965 for 480kg (201ppk), £875 for 350kg (250ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £900 for 424kg (212ppk), £850 for 446kg (190ppk), £820 for 396kg (207ppk), £800 for 364kg (219ppk). Ballynahinch farmer, £855 for 370kg (231ppk), £815 for 392kg (207ppk), £815 for 344kg (236ppk), £810 for 326kg (223ppk), £805 for 352kg (228ppk). Rostrevor farmer, £810 for 326kg (223ppk). Rostrevor farmer, £790 for 360kg (219ppk). Hilltown farmer, £780 for 374kg (209ppk), £780 for 374kg (208ppk).

Sharper trade on Thursday night for store lambs.

Fat lambs: Rathfriland farmer, £82 for 33kg (242ppk). Gilford farmer, £80 for 26kg (307ppk), £72 for 19kg (365ppk). Cabra farmer, £79.50 for 23kg (339ppk). Hilltown farmers, £79 for 24kg (319ppk), £77 for 25kg (306ppk), £76.50 for 23kg (320ppk), £75 for 23kg (310ppk), £73.50 for 22kg (329ppk), £73 for 23kg (310ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £76 for 24kg (307ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £72 for 20kg (358ppk). Newry farmer, £71 for 21kg (334ppk).

Store lambs: Kilcoo farmers, £67 for 17.5kg (382ppk), £64 for 18kg (355ppk), £63 for 18.5kg (340ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £64.50 for 17kg (370ppk). Hilltown farmer, £64 for 17kg (359ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £63 for 18kg (340ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £62.50 for 15kg (395ppk). Dromore farmer, £62 for 17kg (365ppk). Banbridge farmer, £60 for 16kg (375ppk).

Fat ewes: Hilltown farmers, £75, £73. Kilkeel farmer, £69.50. Newry farmer,£68.50.

Grazing ewes: Hilltown farmers, £60, £54. Kilkeel farmer, £59.50, £59. Annaclone farmer, £57. Cabra farmer, £56. Mayobridge farmer, £53.50. Castlewellan farmer, £51.50.

Several breeding Texel rams sold to £260, £255, £220 and £200.

Four pens of outstanding Suffolk/Texel cross ewe lamb sold to £89 (twice), £88, £84.

Good show of cattle on Saturday 30th followed by a good trade.

Cows and calves: Downpatrick farmer, £1,240. Rostrevor farmer, £1,140, £1,080, £1,040. Hilltown farmer, £1,025.

Cows: Castlewellan farmers, £970 for 732kg, £810 for 680kg, £750 for 608kg. Banbridge farmer, £940. Hilltown farmer, £850 for 622kg. Cabra farmer, £850 for 690kg.

Bulls: Kilkeel farmer, £1,005 for 854kg. Downpatrick farmer, £950 for 878kg.

Weanling heifers: Banbridge farmer, £875 for 542kg (161ppk). Warrenpoint farmer, £550 for 314kg (175ppk), £500 for 266kg (188ppk), £490 for 286kg (171ppk). Lisburn farmer, £535 for 274kg (195ppk), £465 for 278kg (167ppk).

Heifers- Mayobridge farmer, £1,285 for 696kg (184ppk), £1,080 for 506kg (213ppk), £1,000 for 522kg (191ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £1,275 for 626kg (203ppk), £1,030 for 526kg (185ppk), £1,025 for 516kg (198ppk), £1,005 for 530kg (189ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £1,110 for 560kg (198ppk), £985 for 530kg (185ppk). Newry farmer, £950 for 600kg (158ppk).

Bullocks: Drumgath farmer, £1,385 for 708kg (195ppk), £1,350 for 688kg (196ppk), £1,300 for 668kg (194ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £1,340 for 658kg (203ppk), £1,320 for 806kg (163ppk), £1,310 for 744kg (176ppk), £1,260 for 660kg (190ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £1250 for 620kg (201ppk). Hilltown farmer-£1190 for 608kg (195ppk), £1,180 for 590kg (200ppk), £1,140 for 526kg (216ppk), £1,105 for 522kg (211ppk), £1,100 for 518kg (212ppk).

Weanling bullocks: Rostrevor farmer, £850 for 420kg (202ppk), £840 for 412kg (203ppk), £830 for 412kg (201ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £790 for 334kg (236ppk). Katesbridge farmer, £760 for 394kg (192ppk), £755 for 424kg (178ppk), £700 for 370kg (189ppk), £690 for 280kg (246ppk).