Weanling calves sell to £1,140 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Another excellent trade for quality stock on Friday with weanling calves selling to £1,140 for a 516k Aberdeen Angus male from Ballinaskeagh.

A 510k Aberdeen Angus from the same farm sold at £1.070.

Two Simmental bulls from Derryogue sold at £1,060, £1,035 weighing 457k each.

A good entry of fat cows sold to £1,300 for an 810k Charolais from Moybrick, Dromara.

A Kilkeel farmer sold a 518k Limousin heifer at £1,105 with some great heifers in the entry.

A Ballynaris farmer reached £1,205 for a 590k bullock with a top of 232p/k for 400k at £930 from Seapatrick.

Dropped calves sold to £350 for a one month old Hereford bull from Kilkeel. 2 Limousin bulls from Ballyroney sold at £320 each.


Kilkeel farmer: £350. Ballyroney farmer: £320 twice. Kilkeel farmer: £280 and £275 for Hereford bulls. Ballyroney farmer: Limousin heifer at £270. Drumlough farmer: Limousin bull at £250, heifers at £240 and £230. Mayobridge farmer: Charolais heifer at £250. Brague farmer: Belgian Blue bull at £240. Donaghcloney farmer: Aberdeen Angus bulls to £200.


Ballinaskeagh farmer: 516k at £1,140, 510k at £1,070, 430k at £945, 388k at£850. Derryogue farmer: 472k at £1,060 and 442k at £1,035. Edenagarry farmer: 352k at £940, 350k at £880, 336k at £840, 328k at £750. Kilkeel farmer: 416k at £920. Loughorne farmer: 324k at £810, 374k at £805, 372k at £745, 310k at £695. Ballinran farmer: 410k at £880, 330k at £830, 384k at £800. Banbridge farmer: 408k at £900, 348k at £840, 366k at £830, 362k at £810, 366k at £810.


Leitrim, Kilkeel farmer: 518k at £1,105, 528k at £1,080, 506k at £1,050, 472k at £940. Carginagh farmer: 602k at £1,100, 370k at £710. Annahilt farmer: 538k at £1,000, 546k at £1,000, 508k at £990. Dromore farmer: 482k at £900.


Moybrick farmer: 810k at £1,300. Dromara farmer: 660k at £940 and 670k at £600. Kilkeel farmer: 600k at £680. Katesbridge farmer: 600k at £645, 530k at £575. Dromara farmer: 490k at £570. Donaghcloney farmer: 482k at £560.


Dromore farmer: 598k at £1,205, 620k at £1,190. Hilltown farmer: 544k at £1090, 476k at £1,035. Seapatrick farmer: 576k at £1,065, 510k at £1,005, 482k at £1,000, 450k at £980, 448k at £980, 400k at £930, 380k at £870, 366k at £830. Rathfriland farmer: 460k at £855, 486k at £850 and 420k at £810.

Another strong entry of sheep on Tuesday evening sold in a flying trade.

199 spring lambs cleared up to £133.50 for 23k from Mayobridge.

Several pens of lambs sold from £130 to £133.50. Hoggets sold to £132 for 30k from Newry.

Fat ewes sold to £127 for a Dromore farmer.


199 lambs sold to average £122.79 each eg Mayobridge farmer: 23k at£133.50. Ballynahinch farmer: 22.6k at £133. Emdale farmer: 23.6k at £130.50. Kilkeel farmer: 22.6k at £130. Poyntzpass farmer: 24k at £129.50. Cascum farmer: 23.5k at £129.50. Dysart farmer: 21.6k at £124.50. Kilkeel farmer: 22.5k at £122.50. Aughnaskeagh farmer: 21.6k at £121.50.


Newry farmer: 30k at £132. Blackscull farmer: 30k at £128.50. Carginagh farmer: 30k at £128.50. Ballinran farmer: 27k at £127. Markethill farmer: 27k at £124 and 24.5k at £115.


Dromore farmer: £127. Poyntzpass farmer: £120. Brackney farmer: £119. Newry farmer: £116. Poyntzpass farmer: £113. Dromara farmer: £111. Kilcoo farmer: £110.50. Kilkeel farmer: £110. Ballynahinch farmer: £108. Markethill farmer: £106.