Weanling calves sell to 290.6 pence per kilo at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

One of the largest entries this year saw 212 weanling calves clear up to 290.6p/k for a 234k Limousin male at £680 from Warrenpoint.

There were some exceptional prices for weanlings eg, Lurgan farmer, 20 Charolais male and females, 264k at £745 or 282.2p/k, 270k at £750 or 278p/k. Clanmaghery farmer, 16 Limousin males, 304k at £850 or 280p/k, 272k at £760 or 279.4p/k and 294k at £775 or 260p/k.

In the dropped calf section, young calves cleared up to £440 followed by £420 for a Seaforde farmer and £400 for an Upper Leitrim farmer.

Store heifers sold to £480 for a 780k Charolais from Banbridge with several other heifers over the £1,000 mark.

Over 100 bullocks cleared up to £1,210 for a 640k Aberdeen Angus from Dromore with all heavy bullocks at over the £1,000 mark.

Breeding Aberdeen Angus bulls to £1,440 from Drumlough, £1,300 from Dromore and £900 for a Belgian Blue from Kilkeel.

Fat cows sold to £1,400 and Sucklers to £1,000 from Kilcoo.


Seaforde farmer: £440, £420, £355, £290, £285, £275. Aghagallon farmer: Limousin bull £350. Upper Leitrim farmer: 3 Limousin heifers, £400, £390, £385. Finnis farmer: Belgian Blue heifer £370. Katesbridge farmer: Belgian Blue heifer £360, Belgian Blue bulls £335 and £315. Saintfield farmer: 3 Friesian bulls, £305 each and Belgian Blue bulls £305. Warrenpoint farmer: Limousin heifer, £295. Tormore farmer: £295, £275 and £240. Seafin farmer: Limousin heifer £290.


Warrenpoint farmer: 234k at £680 or 290.6p/k, Lurgan farmer: 20 Charolais, 264k at £745 or 282.2p/k, 270k at £750 or 278p/k, 290k at £690 or 238p/k, 332k at £790 or 238p/k, 268k at £680 or 254p/k, 290k at £660 or 225p/k. Clanmaghery farmer: 304k at £805 or 279.6p/k, 272k at £760 or 279.4p/k, 284k at £755 or 266p/k, 294k at £775 or 264p/k, 358k at £890 or 248.6p/k, 440k at £940 or 214p/k. Aghagallon farmer: 234k at £645 or 276p/k, 280k at £725 or 259p/k. Aughrim, Kilkeel farmer: 266k at £700 or 263.2p/k, 250k at £630 or 252p/k, 306k at £720 or 235p/k.


Cappagh farmer: 780k at £1480, 706k at £1300. Dromore farmer: 606k at £1,110, 550k at £1000, 542k at £900. Seapatrick farmer: 566k at £1,090. Katesbridge farmer: 382k at £845, 556k at £1,010. Newry farmer: 416k at £770. Ballymartin farmer: 396k at £800, 420k at £760.


Breeding Angus bulls £1,440 and £1,300.

Fat cows to £1,400 and suckler cows to £1,000.


Dromara farmer: 640k at £1,210, 680k at £1,205, 654k at £1,055. Leitrim, Kilkeel, farmer: 3 Montbeliarde, 704k at £1,105, 724k at £1,155, 724k at £1,130. Leitrim farmer: A pen of Herefords, 670k at £1,145, 616k at £1,070, 630k at £1,070, 642k at £1,065, 632k at £1,055, 604k at £1,040. Cascum farmer: 584k at £1,070. Ballyward farmer: 11 Aberdeen Angus, 506k at £965, 470k at £920, 480k at £915, 470k at £900, 480k at £880, 478k at £870, 476k at £870, 378k at £750. Drumarkin farmer: 450k at £900, 402k at £845 twice, 402k at £840 etc. Dromara farmer: 512k at £1,010.

Another good entry of sheep on Tuesday evening (November 6th) with store lambs selling to 423.7p/k for 11.8k at £50 from Shinn.

Store lambs are the dearest for years at present.

Fat lambs to £83.50 for 26.8k from Drumlee. The top 10 lots from £81 to £83.50.

Fat ewes sold to £84.


Shinn farmer: 11.8k at £50. Downpatrick farmer: 15.4k at £63, 15.6k at £63.50 and 15.4k at £63. Ballyroney farmer: 16k at £65.50. Killowen farmer: 17k at £69. Clough farmer: 14.3k at £58. Ballynahinch farmer: 16.5k at £66. Kilkeel farmer: 18k at £71. Hilltown farmer: 17.3k at £67. Banbridge farmer: 20k at £77. Markethill farmer: 19k at £73.50. Drumlee farmer: 26.8k at £83.50. Ballykeel farmer: 25.6k at £82. Castlewellan farmer: 29k at £82. Drumlee farmer: 26.9k at £81.50. Killyleagh farmer: 26.9k at £89.50. Enagh farmer: 25.8k at £81.50.


Castlewellan farmer: £84. Newcastle farmer: £80. Ballinran farmer: £75. Ballyward farmer: £70 etc.