Weanling calves sell to 293 pence per kilo at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Cattle remained a really good trade on Friday with just the rougher type showing a decrease.

The 96 weanlings cleared up to 293p/k for a Ballynahinch farmer who sold a Limousin male, 184k at £540.

A Lisburn farmer sold 192k Belgian Blue male at £520 or 270.8p/k.

A top price of £900 was paid for a 450k Aberdeen Angus from Dromara.

A Cullyhanna farmer topped the heifers with 215p/k for 460k Simmental at £990.

A top price of £1,005 was paid for 508k for a Hilltown farmer.

A Belfast farmer topped the bullocks with 233.2p/k for a 268k Limousin at £625.

A Ballyward farmer reached £1,180 for a 590k Charolais with others at £1,120 and £1,115 for 544k.

Fat cows sold to £810 for 608k Aberdeen Angus from Dromara.

Dropped calves were a flying trade for a Limousin bull which made £435 from a Newry farm.

A similar lot from Corraghs sold at £430.

Heifer calves easily sold to a top of £300 for a Sim from Cabra.


Newry farmer: Limousin and Charolais bulls £435, £405, £390 and £370. Corraghs farmer: £430. Seaforde farmer: Aberdeen Angus bulls £355, £355, £355. Banbridge farmer: £315. Dromore farmer: £315. Cabra farmer: £300. Carnew farmer: Hereford heifers £225 and £215. Castlewellan farmer: Saler bull £250. Lisburn farmer: Charolais bull £295.


Ballynahinch farmer: 184k at £540 or 293p/k, 226k at £540, 200k at £530, 312k at £650. Dungannon farmer: 240k at £580, 250k at £650, 238k at £530 and 200k at £460. Banbridge farmer: 288k at £740 and 330k at £740. Cabra farmer: 368k at £845, 308k at £750. Clanmaghery farmer: 376k at £870, 372k at £850, 382k at £830. Glenavy farmer: 210k at £500 and 200k at £460. Lisburn farmer: pen of Charolais males 282k at £680, 282k at £640, 284k at 605 and 270k at £670.


Hilltown farmer: 508k at £1,005. Hillsborough farmer: 520k at 985, 416k at £880, 448k at £880, 454k at £830. Ballynanny farmer: 474k at 950, 414k at £880, 428k at £880. Cullyhanna farmer: 462k at £990, 444k at £940. Belfast farmer: 342k at £660, 332k at £655, 318k at £640, 292k at £575. Dromara farmer: 454k at £885, 408k at £800.


Ballyward farmer: 598k at £1,180, 544k at £1,120, 542k at £1,115, 554k at £1,070. Artana farmer: 604k at £1,150, 542k at £1,055. Kilkeel farmer: 476k at £960, 486k at £950. Drumaness farmer: 574k at £1,080, 376k at £770, 390k at £750, 330k at £700, 280k at £560. Lisnacreevy farmer: 3 Salers, 572k at £1,105, 644k at £1,115, 626k at £1,090. Hilltown farmer: 452k at £945, 396k at £805, 438k at £870. Ballykeel farmer: 570k at £1,085.

*Please note that from Friday 4th August, the sale will commence at 11am sharp. Dropped calves must be penned by 10.45am at the latest.*

There was little change in the price of sheep from the previous week.

Three heavy rams sold at £100 each.

A Cabra farmer sold at 24k at £91 with a Rathfriland farmer obtaining £90 for a similar lot. Edenagarry farmer: 25k at £89. Cabra farmer: 24k at £87.50. Clough farmer: 24.3k at £87. Castlewellan farmer: 26k at £87. Hilltown farmer: 16k at £63. Newcastle farmer: 17.5k at £67. Mayobridge farmer: 19.5k at £71.50. Breeding ewes sold to £125 each.


Portaferry farmer: £77 and £76.50. Banbridge farmer: £73. Chestnut farms: £73. Kilkeel farmer: £70.