Weanling calves sell to £3 per kilo at Rathfriland Co-Op

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A larger entry of cattle on Friday saw more bullocks in the sale.

88 weanlings sold to £1000 for a Kilkeel farmer with a top of 302.5p/k for a 238k Limousin male at £720 from Banbridge.

A 238k Charolais at £660 or 277.3p/k and a 252k Charolais female at £630 or 250p/k.

65 bullocks cleared up to 224p/k for a 416k at £930.

A top of £1,120 was paid for a 610k Hereford from Newry.

A 480k lot from Katesbridge sold at £1,005.

Holstein bullocks cleared up to £985.

Store heifers sold to £870 for a 428k Belgian Blue from Ballyward. Fat cows to £870 for 730k with better quality cows in the entry.

Over 100 dropped calves sold to £335 for a Belgian Blue bull from Dromore and £335 for an Aberdeen Angus bull from Kilkeel.

Blue heifer calves to £305 for a Ballynahinch farmer.

There were few dropped calves under £200 per head.


Dromore farmer: Belgian Blue bulls £335 and £280. Kilkeel farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £335. Ballynahinch farmer: Belgian Blue heifer £305. Annaclone farmer: pen of four Aberdeen Angus bulls and heifers to average £300 each. Newry farmer: Pen of Aberdeen Angus bulls, £290, £290, £280, £280 and £270. Newcastle farmer: £290. Banbridge farmer: £285. Dromore farmer: £280. Ballykeel farmer: £275 and £240. Dromara farmer: £265.


Banbridge farmer: 238k at £720 or 302.5p/k, 238k at £660 or 277.3p/k, 218k at £550 or 252.3p/k, 252k at £630 or 250p/k. Clough farmer: 282k at £700 or 248p/k and 282k at £615 or 218p/k. Hillsborough farmer: 274k at £730 or 266.4p/k, 298k at £700 or 235p/k twice. Co Tyrone farmer: 342k at £790 or 231p/k. Kilcoo farmer: 302k at £740 or 245p/k, 296k at £710 or 240p/k. Shanrod farmer: 264k at £600 or 227p/k. Banbridge farmer: 272k at £620 or 228p/k, 294k at £640 or 218p/k.


65 bullocks included a big percentage of Herefords. Newry farmer: 610k at £1,120, 630k at £1,100, 660k at £1,065, 580k at £1,030, 572k at £1,020, 578k at £1,005, 532k at £950, 516k at £900. Crossmaglen farmer: 572k at £1,020. Katesbridge farmer: 486k at £1,005, 540k at £985, 416k at £930, 460k at £870, 490k at £850. Newry farmer: 376k at £785, 385k at £745, 330k at £685. Derryneil farmer: 356k at £700, 466k at £855. Kilkeel farmer: 486k at £905. Hillsborough farmer: 372k at £740, 414k at £800, 378k at £735, 392k at £720. Dromara farmer: 480k at £970, 436k at £835, 442k at £850, 468k at £905.


Castlewellan farmer: 734k at £870, 534k at £635, 520k at £630, 510k at £600. Ballyward farmer: 468k at £650. Dundrum farmer: 480k at £550.

A good entry of sheep on Tuesday evening despite the weather conditions.

Hogget prices again increased to £105 and to 471.3p/k for 15.7k at £74.

Heavy hoggets sold from £102 to £105.

112 fat ewes cleared up to £110 with more lots from £80 to £90 per head.

97 springing breeding three and four year old ewes sold from £115 to £135 to average £128 for a Cabra farmer.


Katesbridge farmer: 28.9k at £105. Comber farmer: 27.9k at £104.50. Ballyroney farmer: 27k at £104. Shinn farmer: 27k at £104. Kilkeel farmer: 27.2k at £104. Barnmeen farmer: 28k at £103. Newcastle farmer: 26.8k at £102.50. Ballyward farmer: 25.7k at £102. Annalong farmer: 25k at £102. Castlewellan farmer: 15.7k at £74. Rathfriland farmer: 17.6k at £79. Portaferry farmer: 20.3k at £88.50. Ballinahinch farmer: 19.9k at £86. Ballyroney farmer: 20.8k at £89.50. Hillsborough farmer: 19.2k at £81.50.


Ardarragh farmer: £110. Banbridge farmer: £90. Tandragee farmer: £85. Ballynamagna farmer: £85. Teirfergus farmer: £81.


Cabra farmer: 76 ewes, £135, £130, £130, £130, £120, £120 etc. Annaclone farmer: £120 and £110. Ballynamagna farmer: £110.