Weanling calves sell to 302p/k at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Last Friday’s (September 8th) sale probably saw the highest prices this year for the 100 weanlings on offer at Rathfriland Co-Op.

A Glenavy farmer sold eight month old Charolais males to 302p/k for a 258k lot at £708 followed by a 218k lot sold at £655 or 300p/k. Banbridge farmer: 208k at £600 or 288.5p/k. Carginagh farmer: 294k Limousin at £815 or 277p/k.

A big entry of fat cows sold to £1,065 for a Bracken farmer. 120 bullocks sold to £1,305 for a 642k Charolais for a Ballinran farmer with others at £1,235, £1,220 etc.

Legananny farmer: 616k at £1,235. A top per kilo of 257.6p/k was paid for a 462k Simmental at £920 from Ballyroney.

Dropped calves were an excellent trade to £510 followed by £415 for 2 Charolais heifers only a few weeks old from Stoneyford.

A Castlevennon farmer sold 2 Aberdeen Angus bulls at £390 each at one month old.


Castlevennon farmer: 2 Aberdeen Angus bulls at £390 each. Stoneyford farmer: 2 Charolais heifers £510 and £415. Mayobridge farmer: Belgian Blue heifer £360. Ballynahinch farmer: £360 for Hereford heifer. Portadown farmer: Simmental bull £355. Ballyward farmer: £350 for a Belgian Blue bull. Seafin farmer: Limousin bulls £345 and £355. Seaforde farmer: Limousin bull £330. Dromore farmer: 3 Aberdeen Angus bulls at £320 each.


Glenavy farmer: 8 Charolais, 258k at £780 or 302p/k, 218k at £655 or 300.5p/k, 224k at £630 or 281p/k, 260k at £725 or 279p/k, 246k at £670 or 272p/k, 254k at £685 or 270p/k and 292k at £760 or 260/3p/k. Carginagh farmer: 294k at £815 or 277p/k. Banbridge farmer: 208k at £600 or 288.5p/k, 220k at £600 or 272.7p/k, 318k at £840 or 264p/k and 240k at £600 or 250p/k. Glenloughlin farmer: Pen of Aberdeen Angus, 218k at £510 or 234p/k, 180k at £400 or 222.2p/k. Clough farmer: 328k at £840 or 256p/k, 320k at £790 or 247p/k. Millford farmer: 286k at £650, 302k at £675 and 300k at £650 etc.


Brackney farmer: 796k at £1065. Hillsborough farmer: 864k at £960. Dromore farmer: 656k at £875. Ballymartin farmer: 618k at £700, 684k at £760 and 614k at £650. Stoneyford farmer: 590k at £705 etc.


Ballinran farmer: 642k at £1,305, 614k at £1,220, 536k at £1,150, 582k at £1,135, 566k at £1,135, 530k at £1,110, 556k at £1,100. Legananny farmer: 616k at £1,235, 572k at £1,080. Banbridge farmer: 582k at £1,180 and 582k at £1,100. Dromara farmer: 560k at £1,030, 424k at £800. Downpatrick farmer: 556k at £1,100, 546k at £1,085. Dromara farmer: 368k at £845, 486k at £915, 446k at £840 etc. Ballynanny farmer: 462k at £920 or 257.6p/k.

*Please note that from Friday 4th August, the sale will commence at 11am. Dropped calves must be penned by 10.45am at the latest.*

A big entry of sheep on Tuesday evening included 265 fat ewes.

Store lambs were a really good trade.

A pen of 15.5k from Glenloughlin sold at £61. A Leitrim farmer sold 18.5k at £70.50. Attical farmer: 15k at £68. Kilkeel farmer: 16.5k at £62.50 etc.

Fat lambs sold to £95 for 25k from Hilltown. Poyntzpass farmer: 25k at £85. Ballygowan farmer: 24.9k at £84. Tyrella farmer: 25.2k at £83.50. Tanvalley farmer: 25.2k at £83.


Artana farmer: £82. Portaferry farmer: £77. Katesbridge farmer: £72. Kilcoo, Lisnacree and Rathfriland farmers all sold ewes at £70 each.

Monday 25th September at 7.00pm - Reduction sale for R and B Pedlow of 50 young Aberdeen Angus cows with calves at foot. Cows are scanned back in calf. See photographs on the mart’s Facebook page.

Every Tuesday at 7.00pm - Weekly sheep sale. All sheep paid on the night.

Every Friday at 11.00 am - Weekly cattle sale.

Suckler sales commence on Monday 2nd October at 7pm.