Weanling calves to £1,035 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Another good entry of cattle on Friday saw weanling calves sell to £1,035 for a 10 month old Charolais male weighing 520k from Ballybrannon.

A top of 261p/k was paid for 276k Belgian Blue at £720.

Store heifers sold to £1,135 for 598k Charolais from Leitrim, Kilkeel.

In the bullocks section, a top of £1,255 was paid for 680k Simmental from Edenagarry. £1,205 for a 600k Charolais from Warringsford.

A top pence per kilo of 231.6p for a 408k Charolais at £945 from Dromara.

Friesian bullocks sold to £1,135 for 660k from an Edenagarry farm.

Fat cows reached £1,070 for 732k Charolais from Lisburn.

A 574k cow from the same farm sold at £910.

Dropped calves reached £430 for a Limousin bull from Loughbrickland.

Fleckvieh bull sold to £370 from Hillhall and Aberdeen Angus bulls sold to £360 from a Millvale farm.


Loughbrickland farmer: Limousin males £430 and £340. Hillhall farmer: Fleckvieh bull £370. Rathfriland farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £360, Belgian Blue bull £340. Dechoment farmer: Hereford £345. Warringstown farmer: Belgian Blue bull £335. Craigavon farmer: Limousin bull £335. Cahard farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £330. Hillsborough farmer: Belgian Blue bull £305.


Annaclone farmer: 276k at £720 or 261p/k, 270k at £690 or 256p/k, 290k at £700 or 241p/k, 284k at £685 or 241p/k, 358k at £875 or 244p/k. Rathfriland farmer: 326k at £805 or 247p/k. Downpatrick farmer: 378k at £800, 390k at £730, 294k at £670, 322k at £660. Derryogue farmer: 486k at £990, 394k at £870, 386k at £830. Crossgar farmer: 202k at £445, 226k at £550, 182k at £380, 196k at £450, 186k at £400, 226k at £485. Ballybrannon farmer: 524k at £1,035, 414k at £825, 442k at £805, 390k at £735.


Kilkeel farmer: 598k at £1,145. Dromara farmer: 502k at £1,060, 496k at £980, 498k at £940. Mayobridge farmer: 590k at £950. Annalong farmer: 448k at £900, 414k at £880. Cullyhanna farmer: 434k at £900. Damolly farmer: 436k at £880. Annalong farmer: 414k at £880. Crossgar farmer: 384k at £860, 414k at £860, 314k at £720, 374k at £780, 404k at £805, 448k at £880.


Fat cows sold to £1,070 for 732k Charolais from Lisburn.

A second lot from the same farm sold to £910 for 574k. Attical farmer: 690k at £900.

Friesian cows to £605. Suckler outfits to £1,000 from a Drumaness farm.


Edenagarry farmer: 680k at £1,255, 600k at £1,190. Warringsford farmer: 600k at £1,205, 540k at £1,135, 564k at £1,125, 548k at £1,050, 520k at £1,060, 590k at £1,090. Dromara farmer: 624k at £1,145, 514k at £980, 408k at £945.

52 FRIEISAN BULLOCKS: Friesian bullocks were a good trade selling to a record high of £1,135 for 664k lot from Edenagarry. Others from the same farm reached £1,000 for 680k and £1,030 for 640k. Hilltown farmer: £1,005 for 675k, £980 for 632k, £960 for 626k. Shinn farmer: £965 for 632k, £910 for 574k. Katesbridge farmer: 10 Holstein to £890 for 616k.

* Please note that from Friday 4th August, the sale will commence at 11.00am sharp. Droppe calves must be penned by 10.45am at the latest. *

A big entry of breeding ewes saw a 90% clearance on Monday evening.

A Dromara farmer sold four lots to a top of £155 followed by £145 and £142.

Mayobridge farmer: Six lots, £150, £150, £145 etc.

Hilltown farmer: £142 and £134.

The last breeding sheep sale is on Monday 18th September at 7pm.

At Tuesday’s weekly sheep sale, 1,000 lambs sold to £85 on five occasions.

Drumlee farmer: 29k at £85. Ballywillwill farmer: 26.5k at £85. Saintfield farmer: 30k at £85 and 28k at £85. Ballybrick farmer: 27k at £85. Ballymartin farmer: 24k at £83. Dromara farmer: 23k at £83. Shinn farmer: 22.5k at £82.50. Kilcoo farmer: 19.7k at £69.50.


Rathfriland farmer: £95 and £91. Banbridge farmer: £80. Portadown farmer: £75. Markethill farmer: £74. Ballywillwill farmer: £74. Rathfriland farmer: £72 etc.