Weanling steers and bulls sell to £965 at Lisnaskea Mart

Lisnaskea Mart
Lisnaskea Mart

A very lively trade this week for all sorts with many more lots required to supply a growing demand

This week weanling steers and bulls sold to £965 for a 440kg Charolais (£219) and 460kg Charolais to £860 others sold £840 for a 360kg Limousin (£233) £820 for a 300kg Charolais (£273) and £750 for a 260kg Charolais (£288).

Weanling heifers sold to £880 for a 420kg Saler (£209) and £710 for a 330kg Limousin (£215).


COWS & CALVES: Lisbellaw producer £1,120 for heifer and bull calf and £1,000 for heifer and heifer calf.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Newtownbutler producer 440kg Charolais to £965 (£219) and 460kg Charolais to £860. Boho producer 360kg Limousin to £840 (£233), £750 for a 310kg Limousin (£242) and £740 for a 310kg Limousin (£239), Cooneen producer 300kg Charolais to £820 (£273), Fivemiletown producer 330kg Charolais to £805, 360kg Limousin to £805, 380kg Limousin to £790, 340kg Charolais to £790, 380kg Charolais to £745, 310kg Limousin to £715, 320kg Charolais to £550. Maguiresbridge producer 280kg Charolais to £760 (£271). Cooneen producer 260kg Charolais to £750 (£288). Springfield producer 300kg Simmental to £720, 290kg Simmental to £650, 230kg Limousin to £575 and 200kg Simmental to £450. Killycat producer 300kg Simmental to £720, 270kg Simmental to £715 and 320kg Simmental to £590. Newtownbutler producer 280kg Limousin to £695. Newtownbutler producer 340kg Simmental to £660 and 320kg Charolais to £525.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Lisnaskea producer 420kg Saler to £880 (£209), 330kg Limousin to £645 and 350kg Aberdeen Angus to £630. Boho producer 330kg Limousin to £710 and 240kg Limousin to £535. Rosslea producer 320kg Limousin to £705, 300kg Limousin to £630, 210kg Limousin to £440 and 240kg Limousin to £420. Cooneen producer 360kg Charolais to £675, 330kg Charolais to £630 and 330kg Limousin to £550. Newtownbutler producer 310kg Limousin to £630. Cooneen producer 280kg Charolais to £590. Cooneen producer 310kg Aberdeen Angus to £585 and 210kg Charolais to £540 (£257), Maguiresbridge producer 350kg Charolais to £580. Kinawley producer 220kg Charolais to £490.

More stock require to supply strong demand.