Aaron appointed new Tusk agent

Tusk Machinery may be a relativey new name in the world of farm machinery manufacturing but yet it’s relative newness to the market is not to be under estimated.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 9th November 2019, 7:45 am
The Tusk 16 foot, 32 head livestock feeder trailer. c/w light weight timber floor. £1800.00 + vat good value for outside wintering of cattle.
The Tusk 16 foot, 32 head livestock feeder trailer. c/w light weight timber floor. £1800.00 + vat good value for outside wintering of cattle.

Aaron McFarland may be best known in the field of Potttinger, Steyr and Merlo but yet for Aaron he realises there is an ever expanding need for the right machine on the right day to do a specific job.

Therefore it is to this end that Aaron reckons that Tusk machinery has two products that will be very useful for the farming community of counties Tyrone and Fermanagh.

Tusk machinery make a variety of different machines but for Aaron he is only interested in selling the log splitter range and the winter feeding trailer range as it fills a gap in his sales and machinery portfolio.

The painted Midi log splitter, 14 tonne with hardox blade, 13" stroke, 3 foot table. £700.00 + vat

The log splitter range has three main models consisting of Mini, Midi and Mega. The Mini range is the cheapest and smallest in the range but yet still uses a 14 Tonne ram for ease of slicing through each log with minimal hydraulic pressure, the table width is 30 inches but this design does not have a support frame to rest on the ground with the work table at the normal working height. This design needs to be carried on the three point linkage for the work table to be at the desired height. One advantage of this mini design is for someone who is unable to lift the log up to waist height, the log can just be rolled onto the table at ground level and then raised on the linkage to the normal working height.

The Midi range has also three point linkage but yet can stand alone on its own frame providing a nice working height. It also has a 14 tonne hydraulic ram providing a 13 inch working stroke the same as it’s smaller sibling. Operation of the ram is the same across all three models using a safety lock out lever that must be raised using your left hand. The main double acting hydraulic spool valve is then controlled using your right hand. This ensures that your hands are kept away from the moving blade thus reducing the risk of injury. The cutting edge is a 10 inch hardox blade thus ensuring a good service life.

The Mega range employs a long stroke 14 tonne ram for the much larger and more awkward logs. The table rests on the ground to reduce the effort of lifting the heavy logs unto the working table. This model is not very common but nevertheless is available to those customers who need it. All three models are available in either blue paint or can be galvanised.

The winter feeding trailer range also comes in either painted or galvanised form and in various lengths from 12 foot up to 16 foot. Various tyre sizes are also available at extra cost, Aaron believes the largest tyre 420/55R17 will be the best choice for farmers in the west due to our level of rain fall thus preventing cutting up the ground if having to travel any distance across the fields in the winter time. The 16 foot model has head capacity for 32 head of cattle to feed at one time. The floor can be galvanised steel or the cheaper option of timber.

Aaron believes the light weight timber is a better option as it would not collect and hold rain water and also when the timber rots it is much easy to replace than the heavy steel floor which will eventually rust with silage juice. The trailer could also be doubled up as a sheep trailer by simply placing a few gates on the inside.

The Midi log splitters are selling at £700.00 for the painted version and £780.00 for the galvanised model. The 16 foot galvanised feeding trailer with a timber floor and wide wheels will cost the farmer £1800.00 + vat.

For more information on these products please contact Aaron on 07872666310 / 02882841159 evening time.