Ballycoose Farm open evening

Campbell and Isobel Tweed welcome everyone who is interested in lamb production to their Ballycoose farm at 6pm on Thursday, 1st August.

Campbell Tweed's farm, Cairncastle, Co. Antrim
Campbell Tweed's farm, Cairncastle, Co. Antrim

There will be light refreshments. The guest speakers are Dr Ryan Law of Dunbia and Dawn who leads on R&D and Dr John Donaldson, Associate Head of The Animals Department of Harper Adams University. Each will give their perspective on current issues affecting the industry.

It is 20 years since Campbell first visited Iolo Owen in Anglesey and had a good look at both his Easycare and Wiltshire Horn flocks which encouraged him to start using woolshedding genetics at Ballycoose. Initially it was a trial to see how this type of sheep would cope with the Hill and Upland environment in comparison with the Blackface and Colbred flocks.

The successful experience led to a change in programme converting to woolshedding Easycare alongside the Wiltshire Horn flock.

All sheep are performance recorded with Signet and Sheep Ireland. Lamb is produced for Dunbia. Breeding stock is available. 

Sheep have been supplied and are performing well locally as well as in Southern Ireland, Scotland, England and the Isle of Man.

For further information please contact Campbell on 07802835355.