Celebrating 25 years on the market

Eringold Calf Milk Replacers will celebrate 25 years in the UK and Irish market in May 2020.

Sunday, 6th October 2019, 11:05 am

The Eringold brand was born as a result of years of partnership with Schils Van Drie Holland. Schils Van Drie are specialists in young calf nutrition and rear over one million calves per year through a wide network of farms across Europe.

As many of these calves are reared for veal production, it is of upmost importance that calves achieve maximum growth and stay healthy through their highly important first twelve weeks of life.

The knowledge and expertise in calf rearing by the Schils Van Drie group has been implemented and used in the Eringold brand of Milk Replacers tailor made specifically for the Irish and UK Market.

Traditionally milk feeding of calves focused on providing low levels of milk (two litres twice daily) mixed at 100-125grm per litre thus resulting in 400-500grm of milk replacer fed per calf daily. However research has shown that feeding higher levels of quality milk replacer has shown significant benefits for the young calfs growth, health, productivity and longevity in the herd. Ideally three litres twice daily mixed at a rate of 150grm per litre.

Studies have demonstrated especially in young heifer calves that increased energy and protein intakes increases growth of the mammary glands from two to eight weeks of life. The extent of the development of mammary glands in young heifers is important as the number of mammary cells is a major factor limiting milk production.

The number one priority in heifer replacement rearing is to achieve rapid growth so that they begin lactating early in life with a large body size at calving relative to the mature weight. Research has shown that heifers mated at fifteen months of age and calving down at 24 months of age result in higher milk yields.

To achieve these goals it is vital that a high quality and quantity of milk replacer is used in the rearing process.

Eringold working in partnership with Schils have ensured that the Eringold brand of milk replacers are packed full of quality ingredients to ensure the calves have enough energy and proteins to optimize their full growth potential. High levels of milk proteins along with a balanced amino acid profile ensure high digestibility of the product. Calf health is also enhanced with the inclusion of Schils Protection Plus in all the Eringold Range. This is Schils’ own unique package all of which helps protect the young calf from digestive upsets and keep the immune system healthy whilst also increasing the appetite of the calf resulting in earlier and higher intake of concentrates.

Quality concentrate and straw along with fresh water should be readily available to the calf from as early as week one.

For more information or advice on calf rearing call Chris on 07739061672.