Demand for the dual purpose Fleckvieh rises

Fleckvieh continues to gain momentum in Northern Ireland with David Hazelton, UK and Ireland agent for Bayern Genetik reporting record semen sales.

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 8:29 am
Bayern Genetik's flagship bull Mahango Pp* is the number one polled Fleckvieh sire in the world. He boasts a TMI index of 138, +1093kgs milk, a beef index of 112, and a calving score of 109.

“It has been another busy season, in fact the best-ever, as more and more dairy farmers are using the dual purpose Fleckvieh for cross breeding.

“The increase in demand comes from satisfied customers who have opted to use Fleckvieh across the whole herd. This season we’ve also seen a dramatic increase in the number of farms using Fleckvieh for the first time, especially in Southern Ireland.”

David Hazelton added: “For farmers switching from beef to milk production, the physical stature of the Fleckvieh cow is much more pleasing to the eye than extreme dairy breeds.

“Fleckvieh bull calves, pure and crossbred, are finding a ready market when others are struggling. Also, gone is the old myth that you can’t have beef and milk in the same package. “

Bayern Genetik sales have also been boosted by its flagship bull Mahango Pp* – ranked as the number one polled Fleckvieh sire in the world.

Mahango Pp* presently sits at number four in the official rankings with a TMI index of 138, made up of +1093kgs milk, +0.03% butterfat and -0.07% protein with a beef index of 112 and a calving score of 109, leaving him suitable for use on maiden heifers. This bull is being used by all the leading breeding companies to add strength, muscle and fitness into their breeding programmes.

David Hazelton continued: “Fleckvieh is not all about producing large volumes of milk. Look at the problems other dairy breeds have encountered by following this course? Bayern Genetik believes in breeding strong, robust trouble-free, dual purpose cows that are capable of producing 8,000 to 9,000 litres of quality milk economically.

“This is supported with extra income from the beef side, and dramatically reduced veterinary costs. This is well illustrated in the make-up of the TMI index designed to produce the most profitable cow. The index is formulated using 38% milk production, 18% beef production and 44% fitness traits.”

The current UK Bayern Genetik catalogue boasts an unrivalled selection of proven bulls all with daughter proofs, and many with positive percentages for both fat and protein. This will be further enhanced in the next edition with the emergence of several exciting newcomers.

“Mahango Pp* semen is in high demand world-wide, and I would advise customers to forward order now to avoid disappointment,” stressed David Hazelton.

He continued: “Plans are well underway for our annual trip. This year we are planning a four-day visit to lower Bavaria during the second or third week of September. The itinerary will include a visit to the Munchen Grub AI station to see Mahango Pp* and several of the company’s leading AI bulls.

“We are also planning to visit several of the top bull producing pedigree herds in the area, with herd averages between 8,000 and 10,000 litres. The cultural side of the trip will include historic castles, lakes and places of outstanding natural beauty.

“Delegates will also have an opportunity to enjoy the excellent German food and speciality beers.”

For further information, and to obtain a copy of the Fleckvieh World magazine, contact David Hazelton on mobile 07841 748764 or John Stewart on mobile 07766 129363. Book early to avoid disappointment!