Farm Relief - Helping you to farm profitably now

Farm relief has a 40 year track record in working closely with farmers.

Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 8:57 am

The objective, at all times, is to ensure smooth and effective running of farming businesses, in whatever capacity is felt to be necessary. Farm Relief’s track record demonstrates that they have been making this happen consistently and on a sustainable basis for all their clients.

Farm relief offers a range of services, provided by 250 personnel, that fully complements the management priorities and targets established for every farm business.

These include: comprehensive herd management and contract milking services.

Farm Relief’s farm management service ensures that staff will be made available to oversee the running of all livestock, dairy, poultry, piggery units and anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in a seamless manner.

Farm Relief now also have a Farm Staff Partnership Scheme in place which includes a free assessment of the workload on the farm for an entire year.

Recommendations are then made as to the most efficient and cost effective means of carrying out the work.

There are many benefits to the scheme like your staff are ready to hit the ground running for the number of days per week that you require them.

Farm Relief look after the payroll deductions and entitlements and sickness and accident support is also incorporated.

In addition to this, they also supply the following: Sheep scanning, Cow scanning, Hoof care, Freeze branding, Cattle weighing/bridge hire, High standard, Fencing supply & erect service for the farming sector but also industrial, domestic and security sectors, Online fencing superstore, Environmental services including tree and hedge planting

Careers in Farm Relief – with a difference.

Working with Farm Relief they can put you on a career path allowing you to fully develop your talents, skills and abilities.

They also provide training ensuring your skills are ever evolving. Working with Farm Relief either full time or part time can provide you with much needed source of additional income.

Farm Relief are totally committed to working with operators who also want to spend time developing their own farms.

All that’s required from you is the enthusiasm and commitment to make it all happen.

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