Fat lambs sell to £84.50 at Gortin

Fat Lambs sell to £84.50/26kg followed by a strong store lamb trade,

Thursday, 29th September 2016, 11:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:52 pm

Prices as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Patrick Gallagher £84.50/26kg, Stewart Patterson £83.80/25kg, Stephen Lindsay £83.50/24kg, Donald Fleming £81.20/23kg, Pat McCrory £81.20/24kg, Oliver Loughran £80.80/24kg, Arnold Mitchell £80, Allan Speers £79.80/23kg, T Crawford £79/23kg, Henry Wilson £78.50/22kg, John Lowe £78.20/22kg, W McLaughlin £78/24kg, A Ward £76.50, Robert Barnses £75.50/22kg, Allan Speers £75.50/21kg, David Hempton £75.20/22kg, George McGeagh £74.80/22kg, Peter McGurk £74.80/22kg, Patrick Falanagan £74/22kg,

STORE LAMBS: S Whelan £73, James OHagan £72.50, James Tanney £72, Patrick Gallagher £70.50, David Hutchinson £70.50, John Lowe £70.50, James Buchanan £70, David Hutchinson £70, Allan Speers £70, Henry Wilson £70, S Whelan £70, D Flanagan £69.80, David Hutchinson £69, Alaine Ward £69, Peter McGurk £67

FAT EWES: Robert Rutledge £87, £87, £83, £80, Anthony Carlin £76, Robert Rutledge £71, S Whelan £70, John Colhoun £69.50, Anthony Carlin £69, Patrick McKenna £67, William Duncan £64, Kieran Fox £60.50

BREEDING RAMS: Ann McFarland 520g, 500g, 500g, 450g, 300g, 280g, Andrew Fleming 200g, 200g, Kevin McCrumlish 200g, 180g, 170g,John Doherty 170g, John Young 170g