Genus ABS takes top two PLI rankings

GENUS ABS ICON sire, Bomaz Fynn, has held on to his spot as the number one PLI sire in the UK.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 9:00 am
Hulstein Partytime 3rd DAM ANDERSTRUP DG CALICO

Fynn is also available on Sexcel, adding even more to his appeal.

“The Frazzled son comes in with a PLI of £878 which is driven by his exceptional scores for combined fat and protein kgs at + 83.4kg,”comments Hannah Goodwin, Genus ABS Dairy Brand Manager.

Weighing in at number two on the PLI rankings is Denovo 14566 CROSBY at £871. Crosby who is also an ICON Sire combines exceptional production, with 1000kgs for milk with low cell count and mastitis incidence scores.


Hannah continues: “Genus ABS sires continue to rank very favourably, continuing the pattern we have witnessed over the past couple of years. We have 12 sires in the top 20 PLI bulls as released in the December proof lists, including two previous favourites – Denovo Invictus and Hul-stein Party Time.”

ICON SIRE DENOVO INVICTUS sees gains in milk kgs as well as increasing over two points for Daughter Fertility Index to +13.1

ICON SIRE HUL-STEIN PARTY TIME (Imax x Profit x Platinum) continues to rank really well with exceptional fat and protein kgs, whilst also helping to reduce stature and overall body size. This exciting IMAX son has a PLI of £839. Housed in the UK, Hul-Stein Party Time is one of the hottest sires on the planet. Another production specialist with +919kgs of milk and a massive +77.6kgs of fat and protein combined. Great components +0.09% fat and +0.04% protein, calving ease of +0.6 and a life span in days of +183 he is truly an exceptional Sexcel prospect!

NEW ICON SIRE-JC-KOW VITALITY (Skywalker x Delta x Josuper). This early Skywalker son is a great all round sire @ £777 PLI, +759kgs milk, and + 62 combined fat and protein. Daughters will prove to be fertile with +11.5 fertility. He will prove to be popular with customers, excelling for health and fitness and an overall type score of +2.49. Vitality also has direct calving ease of + 0.7

WINSTAR MEDINA (Tendoy x Jedi x Nominee). Medina is something different, being a Seagull-bay Tendoy son. With £821 of PLI, he is another exciting graduate. He carries excellent production at +918 kgs milk, a tremendous +67.7 fat and protein, double digit fertility +11.2 and exceptional lifespan in days of +201.

ZANDENBURG ART (Yoda x Modesty x Commander). With a PLI of £791, Art will tick all the boxes for customers looking to breed profitable cows.

He has huge production of + 913 kgs milk, a phenomenal +78 CFP, with great percentages of fat + 0.09% and protein 0.05 % . With an overall type merit of +2.82 and +2.27 on mammary he is another bull in Genus ABS stud that will add teat length + 0.27.