Latest prices from the sales rings at Lisahally

Sheep trade remains steady as a full yard of stock presented for sale on Tuesday.

Thursday, 29th September 2016, 11:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:52 pm

Prices as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Joseph Hall £83.50/27kg, Fergal Gormley £82/25kg, Colm McLaughlin £82, William McConway £8180/25kg, BrIAN Johnston £81.80/24KG, Martin Quigley £80.80/24kg, Reid Clarke £80.20/24kg, Liam Bryson £80/23kg, Reginald Hamilton £80/25kg, Kenneth Johnston £80/25kg, Alan McMurray £80/25kg,Reginald Hamilton £80/30kg,James McKinley £80/25kg,John Halcrow £80/24kg, Stephen Johnston £79.80/24kg, Michael O’Neill £79.80/24kg,Norman McFarland £79.50/24kg, David Smyth £78.80/23kg, Thomas Henderson £77.80/23kg, Michael OHara £77/24kg, John Patton £77/24kg

STORE LAMBS: Thomas Henderson £76, £75.50, Kelly Farms £75.50, John Halcrow £75, Hilary Deery £75, Owen McDevitt £74.50, William Douglas £72.50, David Smyth £72, S McLaughlin £71, William Knobs £70.80, Alan Hyndman £70, Kelly Farms £69, Liam McCartney £68, John Curry £67,

FAT EWES: C Harpur £108, J Magill £100, Hillary Derry £82, F Daly £77, Wiliam Smyth £75, Reid CLarke £65, John Patton £62, A & B Douglas £60, Liam McCartney £60

BREEDING HOGGETS: Clive Connell £135,£110, Kathleen Logue £120, C Andrews £110, £100, £95, £94,

Strong prices at Wednesday’s sale with another excellent entry of stock.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Samuel Eaton £1150/640kg, Nigel Stevenson £1135/590kg, Craig Stevenson £1100/640kg, David M,cMurray £1100/620kg, Gary Miller £1090/560kg, John Arbuckle £1080/520kg, £1020/510kg, 3960/490kg, R Killen £1015/600kg, Kelly Farm £1015/610kg, £1000/640kg, Kenneth Johnston £1055/510kg, £965/480kg, Samuel Eaton 31000/550kg, Gareth Neely £960/510kg, Robert McCrea £960/540kg, Brendan Gormley £955/510kg, J ohn Sayers £940/480kg

HEIFERS: W Patterson £1180, David McMurray £1160/670kg, £1145/660KG, £1120/620KG, £1120/630KG, James Hogg £1080/530kg, Alan Hogg £1080/560kg, Nigel Stevenson £1070/550kg, Kelly Farms £1070/490kg, Sydney Dysart £1065/570kg, John Hogg £1050/500kg, Patrick McNicholl £1020/500kg, Nigel Stevenson £990/520kg, Alan Hogg £980/530kg, Kelly Farms £970/470kg, Samuel Eaton £955/520kg, G Christie £950/450kg, James Hogg £950/590kg, £945/500kg, £940/570kg, W Patterson £950/460kg, John McMonigle £940/540kg,

FAT COWS: Robert Smyth £885/750kg, J Foster £759.70/710kg, John Arbuckle £738.40/710kg, Robert Smith £720/600kg, £672.6/570kg