Lightweight bullock sell from 200-242ppk for 350kg at Enniskillen

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 200-242ppk for a 350kg Ch at 850.

Friday, 16th September 2016, 9:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 3:00 pm

Medium weights sold from 190-241ppk for a 410kg Ch at 990.

Heavy lots selling from 185-224p/kg for a AA 532kg at £1190 and selling up to £1380.

BULLOCKS: Enniskillen producer 410kg at 990 Ch, Enniskillen producer 350kg at 850 Ch, Enniskillen producer 404kg at 965 Lim, Enniskillen producer 432kg at 1020 Ch, Trillick producer 438kg at 1005 Ch, Florencecourt producer 412kg at 945 Ch, Ballinamallard producer 532kg at 1190 AA, Ballinamallard producer 634kg at 1380 AA, Dungannon producer 692kg at 1320 Ch, Portadown producer 720kg at 1350 AA.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £950 paid for a 387kg Ch while heifers ranged from £500 to £950 for a 338kg Sim.

Ruling prices: NTB producer 358kg Sim hfr at 950, 329kg Sim hfr at 625, 417kg Lim bull at 770, Trillick producer 364kg Lim steer at 750, 338kg Lim hfr at 740, 236kg Lim bull at 600, Enniskillen producer 377kg Lim steer at 880, 318kg Ch hfr at 700, 401kg Ch steer at 890, Kesh producer 315kg Ch hfr at 745, Enniskillen producer 319kg Ch hfr at 925, 405kg Ch hfr at 920, 342kg Ch hfr at 900, Derrygonnelly producer 271kg Ch steer at 640, 426kg Ch steer at 860, Fivemiletown producer 346kg Ch steer at 855, 397kg Ch hfr at 750, 244kg Lim bull at 680, Garrison producer 378kg Ch bull at 885, 195kg Ch bull at 530, 315kg Ch bull at 740, 356kg Lim hfr at 805, Enniskillen producer 432kg Ch hfr at 960, 418kg Ch steer at 820.

Heifers: A good entry and strong demand seen forward lots sell to 200ppk for a 550kg Ch at 1100. Lighter lots sold from 182- 212ppk for a 429kg Ch at 910.

CALVES: Enniskillen producer Ch bull at 520, Ballinamallard producer Her bull at 465, Lisnaskea producer Lim bull at 450, Boho producer Ch bull at 370, Sprngfield producer Ch hfr at 380, Lisnaskea producer Lim bull at 320, Enniskillen producer Lim hfr at 285, Derrygonnelly producer Lim bull at 275, Fivemiletown producer Fr bull at 45.

SUCKLER COWS: Kesh producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1460, Kesh producer Ch cow with bull calf at 1450, Irvinestown producer AA cow with bull calf at 1120, Irvinestown producer Ch cow with hfr calf at 1180, Blaney producer Sim cow with bull calf at 1170, Omagh producer Sim cow with bull calf at 1150, Lisnaskea producer springing Fkv cow at 1090, Lisnaskea producer springing Sim cow at 1250.

Cast cows: Beef lots to 180ppk for a 690kg Ch at 1245. Feeding cows to 181ppk for a 560kg Ch at 1025, Springfield producer 760kg Ch at 1250, Springfield producer 780kg Ch at 1100, Enniskillen producer 820kg Ch at 1175, Springfield producer 692kg Ch at 1245, Coa producer 686kg Ch at 1050, 530kg Ch at 825, 490kg Lim at 825, 684kg Lim at 945, 620kg Sim at 885, 680kg BB at 810, 510kg Fr at 595, 570kg BB at 840.