McDonald’s Progressive Young Farmer Programme Opens for 2020 Applications

McDonald’s UK, which relies on over 23,000 British and Irish farmers to serve the nation, has opened applications for the 2020 Progressive Young Farmer programme.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 8:55 am

After 45 years in the UK, McDonald’s knows there’s no better industry to get all the skills needed to run a successful business, and also develop an understanding of the future of the farming sector.

That’s why every year, the Progressive Young Farmer Programme enables up to nine students to spend 12 months getting to know every part of the McDonald’s supply chain, usually during their placement year.

This coming year, the programme will provide exciting opportunities for students to develop a progressive mindset via practical experience within the supply chain, from farm to front counter, and focusing on innovation and the future of the sector.

McDonald’s Progressive Young Farmers will get the opportunity to work with a number of different suppliers, farmers and stakeholders around the country.

The programme also includes mentoring by a farmer who supplies McDonald’s with beef, chicken, potatoes, pork, dairy or eggs.

Throughout the placement, Progressive Young Farmers will be expected to undertake specific projects to gain a better understanding of technical efficiency within the supply chain for five months, actively working on farm for a six-month period and spending a month at McDonald’s UK Head Office in East Finchley in London.

The 2020 programme will focus on innovation and the future of the farming sector, including animal welfare, beef sustainability and efficient production, ensuring both commercial and environmental areas are addressed.