Our Green and Pleasant Land Pre-Consultation Paper

The Democratic Unionist Party is preparing a new policy paper on the theme of the environment.

The scope of the paper will be comprehensive with the aim of a full policy statement relevant to the national Parliament, a restored Assembly and local Councils.

A three-stage consultation process is envisaged and this will involve external and internal engagement that will run concurrently. Nothing contained within the Pre-consultation nor Full consultation paper constitute DUP party policy. It is only at the final stage will an idea or an option become party policy.

The core aims of the policy will be to ensure that:

- That we can all live in a healthy, greener and pleasant place, region, country and world.

- That we can grow and develop economically while passing on an environment as good if not better than our generation received it.

- That we gain economic advantage by seeking to be in the forefront of technical innovation to achieve environmental goals that are common across the world.

Countryside Alliance Ireland has responded to the pre-consultation paper and we will continue to engage throughout the consultation process and keep our members and supporters updated.

Countryside Alliance Christmas Cards

We are delighted to announce that Countryside Alliance’s beautiful range of new Christmas cards are now available to purchase. The cards are a selection of fantastic illustrations from countryside artists ranging from the Herwick Ewe to the Snowy Bank Pheasants to The Belvoir at Hose Thorns.

The cards are available in packs of 10 with envelopes and can be purchased on the website (www.countryside-alliance.org) or by calling 0370 270 9011.

Countryside Alliance Reject PETA’s Bizarre Call for All Vegan School Menus in Scotland

CA’s Scottish Director, Jamie Stewart, has written to the Scotsman in response to a bizarre letter from extremist animal rights group, Peta.

In her letter, Mimi Bekhechi demands that schools ban meat, force teachers to tell children that meat is wrong and to implement vegan only menus in schools within the Edinburgh area.

This bonkers approach to addressing important matters relating to climate change is typical of an organisation that seeks to inflict its lifestyle preference on others, while providing limited evidence to back up their argument. Plant based only diets, void of animal products, have been linked to numerous illnesses including chronic fatigue syndrome and IBS.

In his letter, Jamie stands up for British farmers and calls on schools to teach kids about the importance of a sustainable diet.

To read Jamie’s letter go to www.countryside-alliance.org

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