Quality sucklers make up to £835 at Downpatrick

At the Friday night Suckler Calf sale on 23nd September 2016, there was a good entry of quality sucklers making up to £835 on the night. A Ballykinlar farmer presented a CH calf at 250kg making £695(2.78ppk).

Thursday, 29th September 2016, 10:47 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:46 pm

Leading prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Ballykinlar farmer 250kg CH £695 (2.78ppk), Clough farmer 320kg CH £835 (2.61ppk), Seaforde farmer 218kg CH £565 (2.59ppk), Ballyward farmer 755kg LIM £755 (2.50ppk), Annadorn farmer 240kg DAQ £595 (2.48ppk) Loughinsland farmer CH £800 (2.46ppk) Ballynahinch farmer 290kg CH £710 (2.45ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 314kg CH £760 (2.42ppk), Ballyward farmer 254kg LIM.£600 (2.36ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 312kg CH £735 (2.36ppk), Backderry farmer 274kg DAQ £655 (2.35ppk), Ballyward farmer 306kg LIM £720 (2.35ppk), Ballylucas farmer 264kg LIM £620(2.35ppk), Ballyward farmer 322kg LIM £755 (2.35ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 284kg LIM £665 (2.34ppk), Clough farmer 344kg CH £800 (2.34ppk), Strangford farmer 288kg LIM £670 (2.33ppk), Saintfield farmer 302kg LIM £700 (2.32ppk), Cloughey farmer 260kg DAQ £600 (2.31ppk), Ballynoe farmer 284kg CH £650 (2.29ppk) and Drumgooland farmer 276kg LIM £630 (2.28ppk).

HEIFERS: Ballyward farmer 270kg LIM £600 (2.22ppk) Ballynahinch farmer 226kg LIM £500 (2.21ppk), Portaferry farmer 284kg LIM £620 (2.18ppk), Strangford farmer 276kg LIM £570 (2.06ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 232kg AA £475 (2.05ppk),Portaferry farmer 220kg AA £445 (2.02ppk), Saintfield farmer 314kg AA £635 (2.02ppk), Portaferry farmer 215kg AA £435 (2.02ppk), Raholp farmer 232kg £470 (1.98ppk) & Clough farmer 290kg LIM £565 (1.95ppk).

At the Monday night cattle sale on the 26th September 2016, there was a good entry of quality store cattle. A Ballygallum farmer topped the sale with a LIM bullock at 478kg £970 (2.03ppk). In the heavy weight bullock’s category, a Downpatrick farmer presented a LIM at 616kg £1050 (1.71ppk).

Leading prices in all categories as follows;

BULLOCKS: Ballygallum farmer 478kg LIM £970 (2.03ppk) & 430kg SIM £870 (2.02ppk) & 430kg CH £1004 (1.99ppk), & 522kg CH £1030 (19.97ppk) & 488kg CH £940 (1.93ppk) & 522kg CH £1000 (1.93ppk) & 512kg LIM £970 (1.90ppk), Ballyclander farmer 570kg LIM £1075(1.89ppk), Crossgar farmer 528kg LIM £980 (1.86ppk), Ballygallum farmer 460kg SIM £850 (1.85ppk) & 550kg LIM £1005 (1.83ppk)& 532kg SIM £960 (1.81ppk) & 544kg CH £960 (1.77ppk), Ardglass farmer 498kg LIM £860(1.73ppk), Ards farmer 304kg HER £520(1.71ppk), Downpatrick farmer 616kg LIM £1050 (1.71ppk), Ards farmer 368kg BB £625 (1.70ppk), Downpatrick farmer 518kg SIM £875 (1.69ppk), Raholp farmer 672kg SH £1100 (1.64ppk), Ards farmer 400kg HER £650 (1.63ppk), Strangford farmer 446kg BB £715 (1.60ppk), Ballyclander farmer 636kg LIM £1015 (1.60ppk), Strangford farmer 410kg BB £650 (1.59ppk), Dromara farmer 422kg HER £665 (1.58ppk), and Castlewellan farmer 550kg BB £860 (1.56ppk).