Seven month old calf sells for £715 at Rathfriland Mart

Over 350 head on Friday with 124 weanling selling to 272 p/k for a 184k Lim heifer at £500 from a Ballynahinch farmer.

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 2:47 pm
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 5:25 pm

A pen of six Lim heifers from this farm averaged 249 p/k. A Tullyraine farmer sold a 264k Lim male at £685 or 260 pence and a 268k Lim at £675 or 252p/k.

Heifers sold to £1065 for a 570k Her from Katesbridge. An Annalong farmer sold Lim heifers at £1055 and £1035 at 580k. A Derrycraw farmer topped the bullocks at £1245 for a 620k Lim with others at £1230 and £1130.

Mayobridge farmer: 586k at £1120. Second Mayobridge farmer: 566k at £1115.

Fat cows reached £1180 for a 738k Lim with fat bulls to £1,000 for an Angus.

A pen of maiden Holstein heifers from Cabra averaged £613 each.

A second lot of maiden Holstein heifers for a Gilford averaged £535 each. Dropped calves to £475 for a Banbridge producer.

DROPPED CALVES: A pen of young sturks from Banbridge cleared up to £710 for a seven month old Ch male. Others around four months old sold at £540, £460, £460 etc. Blue heifers calves to £475. Dromore farmer: Her £410, £370, £355 (twice) etc. Lisburn farmer: Lim bulls £405 and £355. Upper Ballinderry farmer: Lim heifer at £440, Angus at £295. Katesbridge farmer: £360, £340, £330 and £320 for BB.

WEANLINGS: Downpatrick farmer: Pen of Sim 450k at £890, 420k at £805, 394k at £805, 364k at £685, 368k at £650 and 360k at £640. Banbridge farmer: 454k at £880, 430k at £860. Ballyroney farmer: 370k at £770, 358k at £770 and 362k at £770. Newry farmer: 340k at £610 (twice). Lisburn farmer: 320k at £600. Aughnaskeagh farmer: 338k at £670, 288k at £645. Ballynahinch farmer: 258k at £665, 226k at £555, 218k at £530, 236k at £530, 184k at £500, 192k at £475 and 188k at £470. Tullyraine farmer: 264k at £685 and 268k at £675.

HEIFERS: Katesbridge farmer: 574k at £1065. Annalong farmer: 578k at £1055, 584k at £1035. Tullyraine farmer: 470k at £850, 462k at £825. Drumarkin farmer: 440k at £825, 454k at £860, 390k at £700, 410k at £700, 342k at £620, 392k at £695 etc. Katesbridge farmer: 462k at £860, 486k at £875, 434k at £790 etc.

HOLSTEIN MAIDEN HEIFERS: A Cabra farmer averaged £613 for five and a Gilford farmer £535 for six younger heifers.

FAT COWS: Lisburn farmer: 738k at £1180, 650k at £710. Crossmaglen farmer: 584k at £700. Katesbridge farmer: 830k at £890. Annalong farmer: 568k at £570. Angus bull, 986k at £1000.

BULLOCKS: Derrycraw farmer: 620k at £1245, 636k at £1230, 598k at £1130. Mayobridge farmer: 586k at £1120, 566k at £1115, 466k at £890, 474k at £870. Rathfriland farmer: 566k at £1015. Ballynanny farmer: 548k at £1080, 530k at £1060 and 533k at £1000. Cullion farmer: 506k at £1000, 520k at £950 and 508k at £940. Ballymartin farmer: 448k at £850. Kilkeel farmer: 476k at £945 and 354k at £760. Downpatrick farmer: 588k at £1085, 578k at £1040, 610k at £1050, 508k at £930, 560k at £980 etc.

FRIESIAN BULLOCKS TO £1000: A good demand for heavy Friesians. A top of £1000 for 602k or 166 pence per kilo. Other examples; 386k at £600, 400k at £600, 380k at £590 etc.

A good entry of breeding sheep mainly hoggets on Monday evening sold to a top of £160 for five from a Hilltown farmer with 10 at £150 and a further five at £148. A Ballyward farmer reached £147 for four. A Warrenpoint farmer sold for 10 at £145. A second Hilltown farmer: 10 at £145 and 4 at £140.

1,615 SHEEP ON TUESDAY EVENING: 1,615 sheep came under the hammer on Tuesday evening with lambs especially the heavy lots a much better trade. Over 300 fat ewes eased in price to a top of £80 per head.

LAMBS: Bryansford farmer: 25.5k at £86.50. Tanvalley farmer: 23.5k at £86. Kilkeel farmer: 26.5k at £85.50. Farmers from Ardglass, Ballykinlar, Banbridge, Blackscull, Dromara and Mayobridge all sold lambs at £85 each. A farmer from Mullaghdrim sold 45 lambs 23k at £85 or 370p/k. Mayobridge farmer: 22.3k at £82.50 or 370p/k. Ballyroney farmer: 22.5k at £82.50. Cabra farmer: 21.5k at £78. 20k lots sold to £74 and 21k to £77 and 19k to £70.

FAT EWES: Dromara farmer: £80. Braque farmer: £79. Newry farmer: £77. Hillsborough farmer: £76. Banbridge farmer: £75 etc.

Final breeding sheep sale on Monday 19th September and will include a multi-breed ram sale.