Sharp trade for increased numbes of cattle at Lisnaskea

An increased entry this week met a sharp trade with many more quality lots required to meet a very strong demand.

Monday, 12th September 2016, 1:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:20 pm


STORE HEIFERS: Newtownbutler producer 640kg Ch to £1175, 570kg Daq. to £1110 and 550kg Ch to £1048. Belturbet producer 570kg Ch to £1140. Newtownbutler producer 580kg Ch to £1085, 430kg Daq to £838, 410kg Daq. to £835 and 370kg Lim to £775. Lisnaskea producer 560kg AA to £1022, 540kg AA to £958, 540kg AA to £940, 470kg Lim to £908, 540kg Lim to £900 and 510kg Lim to £900. Lisnaskea producer 480kg Lim to £895, 470kg Lim to £872, 450kg AA to £795, 440kg Daq to £762 and 340kg AA to £600. Derrylin producer 410kg Lim to £748, 330kg Sim to £620 and 360kg Ch to £570.

STORE BULLOCKS: Lisnaskea producer 510kg Daq to £1018 and 520kg Lim to £920. Newtownbutler producer 530kg Sim to £1000, 570kg Sim to £990, 520kg Ch to £970, 460kg Ch to £955 and 480kg Ch to £870. Derrylin producer 580kg B/B to £970. Belturbet producer 460kg Ch to £900.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Garvary producer 390kg Ch to £790, 340kg Ch to £635 and 310kg AA to £608. Lisnaskea producer 370kg Sim to £758, 320kg Sim to £500 twice. Rosslea producer 350kg Lim to £730, 320kg Lim to £700, 320kg Lim to £690 and 300kg Lim to £590. Garrison producer 230kg Ch to £620. Boa producer 230kg AA to £470.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Newtownbutler producer 230kg Ch to £680, 350kg Ch to £655, 250kg Lim to £538, 290kg Ch to £505 and 230kg Shb to £502. Garrison producer 230kg Ch to £550, 180kg Ch to £472, 150kg Ch to £468, 170kg Ch to £460, 160kg Chars to £460 twice. Newtownbutler producer 190kg Sim to £524, 170kg Sim to £518, 200kg Sim to £478 and 140kg Sim to £432.