Tremendous trade in cattle rings at Enniskillen

A tremendous trade in all rings at Thursday's sale, light weight bullocks sold from 200 to 244p for a Ch 396kg at 965.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 9:12 am
Updated Friday, 2nd September 2016, 10:16 am

Medium weights sold from 195 to 237p for a Ch 410kg at 970.

Heavy lots sold from 190 to 221ppk for a AA 519kg at 1145 and sold up to 1380 per head.

BULLOCKS: Tempo producer 396kg at 965 Lim, Leggs producer 410kg at 970 Ch, Omagh Producer 432kg at 990 Sim, Omagh producer 410kg at 930 Sim, Kinawley producer 458kg at 1030 Lim, Omagh producer 444kg at 1000 Ch, Tempo producer 464kg at 1040kg Ch, Omagh producer 386kg at 860 Sim, Eniskillen producer 519kg at 1145 AA, Enniskillen producer 687kg at 1380 Ch, Lisbellaw producer 662kg at 1330 Ch, NTB producer 632kg at 1275 Ch.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £915 paid for a 357kg Ch, while heifers ranged from £540 to £855 for a 466kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Garrison producer 264kg Ch hfr at 665, 330kg Ch hfr at 715 287kg Ch bull at 730, Enniskillen producer 313kg Lim steer at 750, 340kg Lim steer at 810, 273kg Ch hfr at 645, Belcoo producer 280kg Ch steer at 705, 223kg Ch bull at 590, 286kg Ch bull at 690, Ballinamallard producer 357kg Ch bull at 915, 264kg BB bull at 670, Garrison producer 305kg Ch bull at 740, 283kg Ch hfr at 620, 308kg Ch hfr at 790, 342kg Ch hfr at 700, Enniskillen producer 324kg Lim steer at 700, 270kg Lim hfr at 565, 272kg Sim hfr at 555, Kesh producer 378kg AA steer at 815, 348kg Ch steer at 830, 336kg Ch steer at 760, Fintona producer 466kg Ch hfr at 855, Derrylin producer, 359kg Ch hfr at 785, MGB producer, 495kg Ch bull at 1100.

CALVES ‘2 MONTHS’: Boho producer Ch bull at 570, Kinawley producer Ch bull at 500, Bellanaleck producer Lim bull at 410, Enniskillen producer BB bull at 400.

CALVES: Ballinamallard producer AA bull at 340, Florencecourt producer BB hfr at 330, BB producer Ch bull at 300, Derrygonnelly producer AA at 280, Magheraveely producer AA hfr at 245, Boho producer Lim bull at 265, Roslea producer Ch hfr at 255, Derrygonnelly producer AA hfr at 245, Trillick producer Friesiand bull at 70.

SUCKLER COWS: Arney producer Sim cow with bull calf at 1640, Lisbellaw producer Ch cow with bull calf at 1640, Omagh producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1500, Clogher producer Lim cow with hfr calf at 1480, Tempo producer Ch cow with bull calf at 1430, Florencecourt producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1360, Ballinamalard producer Ch cow with bull calf at 1340, Enniskillen producer springing Lim hfr at 1120, MGB producer Lim bull at 1250.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 204ppk paid for a 580kg Ch at 1180 and to a top of £1285. Medium weights from 182-227ppk paid for a 95kg Sim at 900.

Omagh producer 480kg Ch at 1045, Irvinestown producer 520kg Ch at 1060, Irvinestown producer 480kg Ch at 1005, Tempo producer 480kg Ch at 975, Letterbreen producer 425kg Ch at 900, Garrison producer 395kg Ch at 900.

Fat cows: 810kg Ch at 1060, 562kg Ch at 915, 810kg Ch at 1070, 652kg Ch at 950, 626kg Fr at 665.