Very good trade for heavy lambs at Markethill

An entry of 2120 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 31st August continued to sell in a very firm trade.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 1:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st September 2016, 2:26 pm

Heavy lambs sold in a very good trade to reach £90 each with a further 25 sellers receiving from £85 to £89 each. The average price for the entire entry of heavy lambs was 24.6kgs at £86.70 each (352p).

Middleweight lambs sold to 371p per kilo for 22.3kgs at £82.80 each followed by 369p per kilo for 21kgs at £77.50 each. Main demand sold from 350p to 368p per kilo.

Light store lambs sold to 446p per kilo for 11.2kgs at £50, followed by 423p per kilo for 14.4kgs at £60 each. Main demand sold from 375p to 413p per kilo. Stronger pens sold to 379p per kilo for 17.8kgs at £67.50 each with all good quality lots from 350p to 370p per kilo.

Heavy cull ewes sold from £67 to £86 each with plainer ewes from £50 to £60 each.

Breeders sold in a slightly quieter trade. Top price of £160 with several more pens from £120 to £148 each.

LIGHT STORES: Poyntzpass farmer: 11.2k, £50, 446p: Poyntzpass farmer: 14.2k, £60, 423p: Draperstown farmer: 12.6k, £52, 413p: Mayobridge farmer: 13.7k, £54, 394p: Mayobridge farmer: 16k, £62.50, 391p: Silverbridge farmer: 15.4k, £60, 390p: Caledon farmer: 16.2k, £63, 389p: Poyntzpass farmer: 11.3k, £43.50, 385p: Belleeks farmer: 17k, £65, 382p.

STRONGER STORES: Keady farmer: 17.8k, £67.50, 379p: Clogher farmer: 18.5k, £68.50, 370p: Belleeks farmer: 19k, £70, 369p: Caledon farmer: 17.4k, £64, 368p: Newtownhamilton farmer: 18k, £66, 367p: Kilkeel farmer: 17.9k, £65.50, 366p: Armagh farmer: 18.2k, £66.50, 365p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Ballylane farmer: 22.3k, £82.80, 371p: Newtownhamilton farmer: 21k, £77.50, 369p: Portadown farmer: 21.6k, £79.50, 368p: Magheralin farmer: 22.2k, £81.50, 367p: Dungannon farmer: 21.8k, £80, 367p: Newry farmer: 21k, £77, 367p: Moira farmer: 22.6k, £82.80, 366p.

HEAVY LAMBS: Draperstown farmer: 24k, £88.50, 369p: Armagh farmer: 24.2k, £88.80, 367p: Armagh farmer: 24.3k, £87.80, 361p: Portadown farmer: 24.3k, £87.20, 359p: Clontigora farmer: 24.4k, £87.50, 359p: Portadown farmer: 24k, £84.50, 352p: Ballydown farmer: 24k, £84.50, 352p: Markethill farmer: 25k, £87.80, 351p.