Chicken Big Mac is returning to McDonald’s - but it won’t be on the menu for long

Chicken Big Mac is coming BACK after selling out - but it won't be on the menu for long (Image: McDonald's)
Chicken Big Mac is coming BACK after selling out - but it won't be on the menu for long (Image: McDonald's)

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac will return to UK restaurants on March 2 but only for two weeks.

Fans rushed to try the Big Mac substitute when it first came out at the start of February 2022.

But customers were left devastated after the fast-food giant removed it from the menu after only a short while because they had run out.

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    How long is the Chicken Big Mac returning for?

    The Chicken Big Mac is coming to UK restaurants from March 2 to March 15.

    That means fans only have two weeks to try the item before it disappears from the menu again.

    A McDonald's spokesperson said: "We have been delighted by our customers’ reaction to the limited-edition Chicken Big Mac.


    "The demand has been incredible, and we’re pleased to share its back but for a limited time only."

    When was the Chicken Big Mac announced?

    When the burger was first announced, it caused a stir.

    The Chicken Big Macs mimics the original with a triple layer bun, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and the secret Big Mac sauce.


    It costs between £4.09 to £5.59, depending on whether you want to upgrade the meal too.

    Originally, the Big Mac was made available from February 2 at over 1,300 branches.

    But McDonald's had to remove the burger off the menu due to its high demand, leaving some fans who missed out to take to Twitter and exclaim how "devastated" they were as they "hadn't had a chance yet" to try the burger.

    Others have called for the Chicken Big Mac's return, saying "bring it back permanently".


    The limited-edition burger will officially come on the menu again until March 15 but McDonald's said it could come off sooner if it sells out again.

    That means you'll need to be quick to try it as stock will be subject to availability.

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