Quality Street axes Toffee Deluxe again two years after social media outcry brought it back

Quality Street is getting rid of its much-loved classic Toffee Deluxe - two years after a social media storm saw its return.

The sweet, which comes in a brown wrapper, will be replaced by new limited-edition flavour Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

Nestle scrapped the Toffee Deluxe in 2016, but were forced to bring it back after a social media storm called for its return.

And now the sweets giant has admitted that it has removed the Toffee Deluxe - which was one of the original flavours when the brand launched in 1936 - intentionally to provoke a reaction.

What will replace the Toffee Deluxe?

The Chocolate Caramel Brownie that will replace the Toffee Deluxe, is a milk chocolate shell with chocolate-flavoured caramel inside.

It won’t be in packs forever though. Nestle confirmed it is only a limited edition sweet and has not ruled out the return of the Toffee Deluxe.

A spokesman said: "Well, we know we got your attention the last time we dropped the Toffee Deluxe so couldn’t resist trying it again.

"But seriously, everybody’s got a favourite Quality Street and the assortment has changed a lot over the years.

Change may not be permanent

"Every now and then we like to introduce new exciting flavours to the mix and are certain that our delicious chocolate caramel brownie will be a hit for 2019.”

The Toffee Deluxe was created in 1919 as a sweet sold on its own before it was included in the first ever box of Quality Street.

The new mixes of sweets can already be purchased in some shops.

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