Summer dressage league at Knockagh View

The penultimate week of Knockagh View's dressage league had great entries, we would like to thank judges David Patterson and Emma Hobson. Then final of the summer dressage league takes place on Sunday 9th September, this is open to everyone. For a full list of tests visit the website [email protected]

Friday, 31st August 2018, 7:55 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:18 pm


Class 1 - Intro A Newcomers: 1st Erin McCoy, Lottie; 2nd Roberta Irvine, Storm; 3rd Celia Rhodes, Indie; 4th Judith Hitch, Maggie; 5th Sheila Barclays, Amy; 6th Tracey Manson, Sparkles

Class 2 - Intro A: 1st Jane McCoy, Rosie; 2nd Amanda Speers, Billy Rocket; 3rd Mandy Gillespie, Ash Hill Smoothie; 4th Megan Ingram, Lady; 5th Katie Wray, Buddy; 6th Judith Hughes, Chiana

Class 3 - Prelim 1 Newcomers: 1st Mandy Gillespie, Ash Hill Smoothie; 2nd Veronica Ham, Alfie; 3rd Celia Rhodes, Indie; 4th Alex Wallace, Royal Sea Breeze; 5th Nikita Kidd, Whisper; 6th Megan Ingram, Lady

Class 4 - Prelim 1: 1st Jill Hobson, The Alchemist; 2nd Laura Wilson, Rennie; 3rd Jackie Hanna, Truly; 4th Sarah Sproule, Rainbow; 5th Katie Wray, Buddy; 6th Sandra Murray, Alfie

Class 5 - Prelim 13: 1st Jill Hobson, The Alchemist; 2nd Elaine Gardner, Ollie; 3rd Natalie Kelly, Harvey; 4th Jackie Hanna, Truly; 5th Laura Wilson, Rennie; 6th Debbie Welch, Lennox

Class 6 - Novice 24: 1st Debbie Welch, Lennox; 2nd Joanne McSeveney, Donna Emilia; 3rd Elaine Gardner, Ollie; 4th Aimee Roscoe, Scooby; 5th Alison Baird, Roxy; 6th Sandra Murray, Alfie

Class 7 - Elementary 42: 1st Martina McKinley, Oliver Hardy; 2nd Louise Spence, Maverick; 3rd Lisa Dundee, Libby; 4th Joanne McSeveney, Donna Emilia; 5th Linda McIlwaine, Beechmount Baxter.

Show time at Knockagh

Knockagh View Equestrian Centre, Greenisland is holding an end of summer show on Sunday 16th September. There are classes for everyone with a full range of ridden classes, in-hand classes and working hunter classes.

There will be championships in each section with an overall supreme championship. Sashes will be presented to the champions, with prizes in all classes with all little ones taking part receiving a prize.

For full schedule visit the website or contact Ruth on 07732809188.