Website up and running for season

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to all clubs and club press officers (where appointed) that the Pigeon Craic Result Site - - will be up and running for the new season ahead with a few changes, hopefully for the better and pleasing all that use it.

If you have not already joined please do so. Only club admins can post results. Please submit your result plus any relevant text on the top winning fancier and birds to the website plus myself, as soon as possible after race, for publication in the fancy press.

Please feel free to send any photos that you wish to have published. You can send pictures by email or by picture message on mobile phone.

Please note this website can show your past results that you have submitted with just a click of a button, there for all to view.

As official press officer for the NIPA (Sections C, D, F & G) I will endeavour to give maximum coverage through the fancy press and craic website to all club, section and open winners but your help is needed to make this a success.

I would also like to wish all fancier friends good health and enjoy your racing in the coming season.


A charity sale will be held on Thursday, April 26, at 8pm, birds on view from 7pm, to raise money for Macmillan Nurses Pallative Care Unit, Antrim.


On offer will be a select draft of youngsters, kindly donated by some of the top lofts in the country.

The following is a list of fanciers who have donated to date: Jim Braniff, Sid Collins, Alan Darragh, Owen Markey, Donnelly Bros, Oroory Hill Stud, Herbie Thorpe, Sheldon Leonard, Diamond Bros, Ron McKelvey, Harmony Lofts, Delaney & McCambridge, Jimmy Rock, J & D Braniff, Blane McAvoy, Micheal Rabbitt, Jeff Greenaway, Harry McCloy, P & K McCarthy, Bingham & Seaton, D & J Campbell and Cherryfield Lofts.

Chimney Corner Football Club will be the venue and all proceeds will be donated to Macmillan Nurses Pallative Care Unit.



2018 youngsters on offer, the very best of Dirk Van Den Bulck, Leo Hermans, Van Herks, Van Rijns, Janssens, Soontjens, long distance stock and more top winning bloodlines on offer. If interested contact 07737 275 820.



An SOS Sale is being organised at present to be held week commencing 23rd April in Banbridge British Legion. A select draft of youngsters has been donated from some of the top fanciers in the country. All funds raised is for the benefit of the sport. More information next week.


Weather permitting, training will take place on the following days in the incoming weeks. Commencing Monday, April 9 and continuing: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – training from Balbriggan, City North Hotel. Birds can be hampered the night before or up to 8am on the morning of toss. Any enquiries to 07841 762 399. Birds will be collected at these points: Edgarstown Park (Robinson’s Bar), 8.15am; Ballyoran Hill, 8.25am; Edgarstown Park (Robinson’s Bar), 8.40am; Laurelvale Clubrooms, 9am; Markethill Corner, 9.30am; and Newry Playing Fields 9.50am.