CAP simplification

European Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan added some more detail this week to his CAP simplification proposals to be implemented for this year’s Single Payment applications.

The Commissioner made the announcement at an extraordinary meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development on the 18th January.

Under the move, the possibility for the introduction of preventative preliminary checks which allow farmers to make corrections to their aid applications without suffering a penalty for a period of up to 35 days after the final date for submission will be allowed. 

A yellow card system will be proposed however an administrative penalty will still apply but at a reduced level of 50% of the normal for first-time offenders where the over-declaration is minor (below 10% of the area declared).  

Farmers having received a yellow card will be registered and where appropriate will be subject to an on-the spot control inspection the following year.

A more proportionate penalty system is also to be introduced with a decrease proposed from more than twice the value of the over-declaration to 1.5 times the value.

Details of ‘greening’ simplification proposals are expected this summer for implementation for the 2017 claim year.