Cattle tag quality raised by Union in meetings with DARD and AFBI

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The Ulster Farmers’ Union have met with DARD and AFBI to discuss a range of issues relating to the quality of tags available to farmers in Northern Ireland. 

UFU deputy president Ivor Ferguson said: “Our members have consistently noted concerns regarding the quality of tags available, the added cost and hassle this is creating as well as the risks relating to cross compliance. 

“The UFU have impressed on DARD that this is a serious issue where improvements are required. 

“In particular UFU have outlined that DARD’s approval process for allowing tags onto the market must be improved, either at a NI or UK level; once the AFBI research is complete DARD must work with tag suppliers and manufacturers to improve the quality of tags on the market; DARD should consider the option to re-instate the option for herd owners to use the secondary metal tag as they are allowed to do in GB and finally more research is required to follow on from the good work AFBI already to improve understanding of problems relating to cattle tags.”

The UFU have also addressed a number of other Cattle ID cross compliance matters with DARD and the Agriculture Committee and expect further meetings on these matters in the New Year.