Historic agreement at COP21

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After two weeks of negotiations, a formal agreement was finally reached in Paris last Saturday.

The negotiations, which have been going on for the last two weeks, aimed to unite every country on earth in tackling climate change by curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

UK farmers were represented by the four UK farming union presidents who attended a Copa (European Farmers Organisation)/FNSEA (French farmers’ association) event on agriculture and climate change.

With UK farmers at the frontline of efforts to adapt to and mitigate climate change, the deal offers a chance to tackle both the causes and effects of global warming, which will be vital in ensuring a more resilient food supply.

UFU deputy president Barclay Bell says the agreement recognises the vital importance of agriculture not only to meet the needs of a growing world population, but as a source of land that can help absorb carbon.

“We have said all along that farming can be part of the complex solutions to climate change over the coming decades. This has now been recognised in the final deal,” said Mr Bell. He stressed however that while farmers recognised the need not to allow global temperatures to rise by more than two degrees, it was important the UK and others did not seek to break rank by imposing even tougher controls beyond this target.

“We now have a binding global deal, and that is the way it should be seen,” said Mr Bell.