Membership services – VAT Online

THE Ulster Farmers’ Union has launched a new exclusive service for members, to assist them file their VAT Return online.

From 01 April 2012 HMRC requires all farmers filing VAT Returns to do so online, and to pay any VAT due electronically. To help farmers comply with this requirement the Union has teamed up with County Down Chartered Accountant Fiona Hanna who can offer ‘hassle free’ administrative assistance to UFU members complying with the revised HMRC regulations.

UFU Membership and Communications Director Joe McDonald said; “We are responding to the new VAT Return requirements by introducing this service. While many of our members will competently make the switch to VAT online, for various reasons some of our members may not have good access to the internet and this new service may be just what they need to keep their paperwork in order. It’s a simple and straight forward process – all our members have to do is contact Fiona and have their UFU membership number to hand. After that Fiona will explain to them what is required. The service is operated by post and therefore is easily accessible to members Northern Ireland wide”.

Any member who wishes to have their VAT return submitted online on their behalf by Fiona can contact her on 028 406 30818 or 07759 838479. A discounted fee and professional service is guaranteed for all UFU members.