More MEPs call on Commission to scrap controversial GM rules

The European Commission’s plans to overhaul the decision making process on GM took another knock last week.

During a discussion in the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, MEPs from across the political spectrum were united in their disapproval of the new proposals which would give individual member states the right to ban the import of GM products.

Jim Nicholson MEP told the meeting: “These proposals are not even close to providing a workable solution - allowing member states to opt-out of the use of GMOs would have a detrimental impact on the internal market and the EU’s competitive agricultural sector. It is also moving away from science-based decision making.”

In a subsequent meeting, senior MEPs on the committee chose to follow the example set by the Environment Committee by tabling a motion for the commission to withdraw the proposals on grounds that they would risk undermining European food production.

The UFU will continue to monitor the situation and will be urging the EU Commission to reconsider its proposal to re-nationalise the decision-making power on GM feed or food back to individual member states.