Nitrates Action Programme Reminder

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The UFU would like to remind farmers that under the Nitrates Action Programme (2015-2018) which is part of cross compliance, a record of all organic manure exports off (including slurry, farmyard manure and poultry litter/manure) the farm must have been recorded and submitted to NIEA by 31 January for the previous calendar year.

If farmers exporting organic manures do not submit records, the information cannot be taken into account for calculating the nitrogen loading on the farm to check compliance with the 170kgN/ha/year limit and penalties could be applied.

Records for the 2017 calendar year must be submitted to NIEA by midnight on the 31st January 2018. Failure to submit by this date is likely to increase the risk of having an inspection during 2018 and penalties could be applied.

Submitted records must contain the following;

• Date moved,

• Type of livestock manure,

• Quantity (tonnes or m3),

• Transporters name and address,

• Importers name and business I.D.

Exports of livestock manure (including poultry litter and slurry) between Northern Ireland and ROI are also regulated by Animal By-Product (ABP) legislation. If exporting organic manure to the ROI farmers also need to complete the appropriate application forms for authorisation to export.

NIEA will be introducing on-line submission for these manure export forms from January 2018. The on-line process for completion and submission of manure export records for 2017 will ‘Go Live’ from 1 January 2018 at

In order for farmers to use the online export forms they will need to register with the Government gateway to obtain access if they do not have a Government Gateway ID and password already.

If Government gateway access is required it is important that farmers do this now as it can take time to process. Go to , click on “Login to DAERA online services” and choose “Register with Government Gateway”.