One year wiser...

David's blog
David's blog

IN the twelfth instalment of his blog, David reflects on his first year back on the family farm in Bready, Strabane.

David has really enjoyed being back home farming full time and can’t believe a year has passed from he left the UFU. This year has been a steep learning curve for David; however he does wish the weather was a bit kinder.

David explains in his blog, that one of the greatest challenges he faced on the farm over the course of the year was managing grassland. David writes; “With adverse weather conditions, the next hurdle is to stretch out forage reserves to the spring. We are currently feeding sugar beet nuts as a substitute for silage in the milking cow rations, while all young stock under a year old are on a mix of straw and meal. However, sourcing straw is proving difficult. On a plus at least we’ve avoided the frost and snow, us folks in the northwest are hearing so much about...”

In this month’s instalment David also writes about how the cows are milking, milk yields, being closed up with TB, and spending time with his family.