Producer Organisation – open information meeting

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The Ulster Farmers’ Union is facilitating a Producer Organisation Information Meeting which is open to all growers, packers and processors involved along the fresh produce supply chain on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 6.30pm in CAFRE Greenmount Antrim.

UFU Chief Executive Wesley Aston is encouraging all growers, including non-UFU members, to attend and discuss the benefits of co-operation within the structure of a Producer Organisation.

A Producer Organisation champions structures that deliver support structures, processes, marketing models and business tools to maximise the best return for all.

Evidence suggests this structure gives a foundation for business growth and drives efficiency along the supply chain.   This approach was adopted by the Irish mushroom sector and was very successful in strengthening and developing the market. This special meeting will give an opportunity to explore how this model could be replicated in particular for fresh fruit and vegetables.   It’s particularly important in difficult times for businesses to plan for their future and plan for success.   

Chairman for the evening will be Professor Eric Long, who was instrumental in establishing the NI Horticulture Forum. The experience across Europe suggest being part of a Producer Organisation opens up opportunities for educating and supporting growers to ensure maximum yields and profitability, achieving the best possible prices through collective marketing, shortening the supply chain to bring growers closer to consumers and supporting growers to reduce their energy costs.

This meeting is a must for Northern Ireland fruit and vegetable growers and all others involved along that supply chain who are serious about their future.  Next week the UFU will profile the speakers who will be presenting on the day.