Rates revaluation of small scale renewable generators

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A number of UFU members will have received significantly increased rates bills for their wind turbines/AD installations.

This is a result of the recent Rates Revaluation (Reval2015) which has seen sweeping changes to commercial rates across the province.

The UFU have serious concerns with the process which has been followed by the DFP and have requested a meeting with the Finance Minister and have already met with Land and Property Services to commence discussions on the matter, yet members should note that the lobbying process will take time.

In the meantime UFU members should consider the following information.

If you have received a rates bill for your renewable installation and you are not happy with the amount charged, you should appeal it through the statutory process.

However, members are advised that they will still have to reach an agreement with LPS on arranging monthly payments. This can be arranged by contacting your local LPS office.

Members are assured that by doing so, you are not compromising your objection to the new rating policy.

The UFU will continue to lobby on your behalf and seek an agreeable resolution for all.