Risk to public health is low

At the end of last week news emerged that the superbug MRSA had been found in pork, following a report in the Guardian Newspaper.

Livestock-associated MRSA CC398, which originates in animals, has been found in some pork products sold in Sainsbury’s, Asda, the Co-operative and Tesco.

Of the 100 packets of pork chops, bacon and gammon tested by the Guardian, nine – eight Danish and one Irish – were found to have been infected with CC398.

A similar study was also carried out by the Alliance to save Antibiotics and identified MRSA in a sample of pork mince and a pork sausage reported to be from British farms.

The UFU have been working closely with the NI Pork and Bacon Forum to ensure that consumers understand the facts and that this type 
of MRSA poses little to no risk to the public and to date 
there are no known cases of people contracting LA-MRSA CC398 from eating meat in the UK. 

Consumers should also be aware that any risk of 
contracting MRSA through meat is very low when usual good hygiene and thorough cooking practices are observed.