Take advantage of latest Polaris deal

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The UFU wishes to remind its members to take full advantage of all the membership services that are currently on offer.

These include a current Polaris deal on Sportsman accessories with current savings of up to £315 when you take advantage of a special ‘bundle’ offer.

A basic Protection Kit offers front and rear rack extenders and brush guards. The distinctive styling of the brush guards allows the Sportsman to be customised while offering protection from hazards.

The Winter Protection Kit for the Polaris Sportsman ETX and 570 models comprises front and rear rack extenders, front and rear brush guards, a Polaris winch and a 66” (1.6m) snowplough blade, with mount and frame, to get you fully prepared for the depths of winter.

“Polaris has a proven track record in the industry and is now offering a great deal for our members. In today’s farming climate it is vital that farmers get as much value for money wherever possible and this is another great opportunity to do so,” said UFU membership director Derek Lough.

Any members interested in benefitting from the special ‘bundle’ offer should visit their local Polaris dealer. Call Polaris Britain: 0800 915 6720 or see www.polaris-britain.com.