UFU Beef Price Watch

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Over the course of the last four weeks finishers have experienced difficult trading conditions as prices continue to remain under pressure. 

While a variety of reasons including the weak Euro, sluggish consumer demand and an increase in imports into the UK, particularly from Republic of Ireland are contributing to these difficulties, this rationale is no consolation to farmers continuing to operate on loss making finished prices. 

With farmers seriously questioning the viability of winter finishing, more needs to be done to understand why the market is declining to the extent that it has during  both the spring of 2014 and 2015 and what can be done in the future to help farmers mitigate against the severe damage that has to date been caused. 

Aside of this, the Beef and Lamb Committee remain concerned about the difference between the published quotes each week compared with the official prices which are being paid.

To improve awareness around this, the Committee has taken the decision to publish this information on a monthly basis.

The table outlines the published quotes over the last four weeks compared with the official prices paid for four categories of Steers.

The figure in brackets is the difference between the quotes being offered and the actual prices being paid.

In relation to quotes for U-3, R-3 and O+3 steers there is a clear trend that demonstrates that there is more available from the market than the price first quoted. 

While the extent of the price paid above quotes will vary from farm to farm, the Committee would encourage all producers to bargain hard for the best deal they can and if not satisfied be prepared to price around other plants or consider the live market.