UFU launches new silage competition award

Derek Lough, UFU Membership Director and Jonathan McCaughan, John Thompson & Sons launch the UFU Silage Competition

The Ulster Farmers’ Union wish to inform members of the Newcomer Award as part of the 26th annual UFU silage competition sponsored by Ecosyl (Volac) and John Thompson & Sons.

This new award at group level is for those that have not entered the competition in the last three years and is in addition to the three current awards: dairy, beef and sheep and alternative forage.

Judging of the silage competition will focus on a range of important silage making components, including the quality of the silage, good environmental measures and a good approach to farm safety.

UFU members can enter up to three categories, one for grass silage, one for alternative forage and if eligible the newcomer award.

There will be a range of prizes at group level and the overall winners will receive their prizes at an awards ceremony next spring. UFU members who do not want to miss out need to contact their local group office before Friday, October 20, to register their interest.

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