Union meet Tesco on beef and lamb

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UFU continues to lobby Tesco to increase the amount of lamb they source locally.

Tesco argue that they currently purchase 20% of UK lamb output.  While UFU has noted small improvements in the last year, we outlined that the current levels of NZ lamb on stock is unacceptable and we want Tesco to increase support for NI lamb. Tesco briefed UFU on their intentions to introduce cost of production contracts for lamb producers across the UK.  This will initially run as a pilot project in 2016 and if successful will be broadened out to more producers in 2017 for lamb and beef.  

Lamb sales have improved in most retailers in the last three months and UFU has lobbied for transparent and improved displays in Tesco stores. On beef, UFU argued that consultation and long term notice is required for any changes in specification. UFU also took this opportunity to explain the Union’s position on Red Tractor lifetime assurance and our concerns about the price differential between NI and GB.