Vegetable producers getting ready for Christmas

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The countdown to Christmas is on and Northern Ireland’s vegetable and potato growers are busy harvesting the top quality sprout, cabbage, root veg and potato crops for our festive dinners.

To highlight the hard work of growers the UFU has produced two videos highlighting hard work that goes into planning, planting and harvesting Northern Ireland’s vegetable crops. The videos are available on the UFU’s Facebook page and website.

UFU president Barclay Bell says; “Often dairy and beef can get the headlines but our vegetable and potato sectors are an important part of our agriculture industry. In the run up to Christmas we wanted to showcase the top quality, locally grown vegetables grown right here in Northern Ireland. If you want the best for your Christmas dinner plate, or year round, you don’t need to go very far.”

The agri-food industry is a significant contributor to Northern Ireland’s economy, and while Northern Ireland is a small place, when it comes to agriculture and food we do tend to punch above our weight.

“Maybe we are too modest sometimes. I’m glad to see our vegetable growers celebrating the great work they do and the world class vegetables they produce,” added the UFU president.