8 reasons to invest in your cow's comfort

Better productivy and increased yield can be won
Better productivy and increased yield can be won
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How investing in a higher quality of life for your animals can help maximise yields, reduce costs and improve safety

When it comes to maximising your farm’s milk yield and increasing your profits, it’s essential to take the comfort of your cows into consideration.



As modern farming techniques improve and production expectations increase, so do the needs of your animals. One way to do this is to look at your dairy cow’s surroundings and invest in a higher quality of life for the animal.

Here are eight reasons why investing in your cow’s comfort can improve your farm:

1. Better Quality

It’s well known that animals that are comfortable, happy and content produce a better standard of product. This helps to keep the quality of your product high and provide customers with a better eating and drinking experience.

2. More Productivity

According to Ray Foy of livestock housing specialists Teemore Engineering, creating a comfortable environment for your animal is a vital part of ensuring animal performance in maximised.

He said: “Modern farmers now recognise the need to make their animals comfortable as this reduces injury, increases performance - it creates more milk in dairy farming, and in the beef industry, faster growth rates”

3. Longer Life

It is believed that for every extra hour a cow lies down, she produces an extra litre of milk. Also when resting, the animal is not stressing their feet and legs which increases the cow’s overall longevity.

4. It Saves Money

Having healthier animals will reduce the costs for replacing animals that have expired or been injured, as well as reducing the overall vet bills.

For example, by investing in mats and mattresses for your animals such as a Pacific Water Mattress designed specially to adapt to the natural lying position of the cow, there is less chance of the animal getting straining or other injuries whilst housed.

5. Reduces Labour Costs

By modernising your farm you can reduce the time you spend working it, which is essential for part-time farmers, as well as reducing the amount of labour you have to buy in.

Ray Foy explained: “By using innovative engineering systems within your farm, it’s possible you can replace a lot of your manual labour in areas such as cleaning with a modern house that can facilitate mechanical cleaning.”

6. Improve Safety

Animal and handler safety is of the utmost importance in all farms, and therefore finding new and improved ways of handling the animals in a safe and efficient manner can significantly increase the profitability of the farm.

Animal behavioural research has found that animals with less stressful experiences are more willing to repeat a procedure. Therefore, investing in state-of-the-art crushing and handling equipment can maximise your farm’s output in the long run.

7. Reduce Bedding Costs

By investing in more long-term comfort solutions which give the cattle a better quality of life, you can reduce the costs for replacing bedding for the animals regularly. This can also reduce your labour and time resources too.

8. Tailor Made

Advancements in farming engineering - regardless of the size or shape of the cattle housing – mean that it’s now possible to get a bespoke service which can be adapted to your specific needs. By improving the efficiency of your farm, it will help to increase productivity and profitability.

Ray Foy said: “All our sales reps are farmers themselves, meaning that they are all experienced in laying out buildings and making best use of the space available. It allows us to offer customers a more bespoke service, ensuring we can satisfy the needs of each individual farmer.”

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