Cappagh YFC 70th anniversary

Cappagh YFC members and office Bearers celebrating their successes at the recent county dinner
Cappagh YFC members and office Bearers celebrating their successes at the recent county dinner

Officers and members of Cappagh YFC have been extremely busy over the past number of weeks, dusting off the old minute books, scrapbooks and other pieces of memorabilia, in preparation for the club’s biggest event in 10 years.

Cappagh YFC are holding their 70th anniversary dinner on Saturday, 11th March 2017 in the Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh to celebrate this milestone in the club’s history.

It is only when the office bearers and members began to hunt through 70 years of club history that many of the younger members discovered that members of their family have been associated with Cappagh YFC.

It is clear to see how many members have passed through the club throughout the 70 years and how successful they have been throughout the association. With many members passing through Cappagh YFC, they still to this day remain one of the larger clubs within Co Tyrone, with over 70 active members within the club to date.

On January 24th 1947, Mr William Girvan, a representative from the YFCU organised the first meeting of Cappagh YFC.

This meeting was held in the loft of Dunmullan Creamery and after approximately two years, the club moved to Dunmullan Orange Hall, where the meetings are still held now, nearly 70 years later.

In 1947 the club elected their first ever office bearers. These roles went to Mr R H Johnston (president), A McConnell (leader), D J O’Loane (secretary) and Gerald Mellon (treasurer). From this point, over the past 70 years Cappagh YFC have gone from strength to strength bringing home prizes at club, county and Northern Ireland level. These prizes range from hostess competitions, tractor handling, football (girls and boys), public speaking, floral art and numerous successes in Miss Tyrone formerly known as Queen of the Cream to name just a few.

Successes like these are down to the individual members working independently and as part of a team to make the club succeed and stand out from the crowd at county and Northern Ireland level.

Over the years, Cappagh have won prestigious awards within the county such as Superclub or Top Club. These awards are not just presented for winning competitions, but for getting out there and participating. Winning is a bonus but representing the club is a pride and passion for members of Cappagh.

After 70 extremely successful years, Cappagh YFC is still going strong and growing each and every day. The club are looking forward to the next 70 years of success within Cappagh YFC.

Cappagh YFC can guarantee that their 70th anniversary dinner will be an unforgettable night not to be missed. This night will be a trip down memory lane for many and organisers hope to see as many past and present members, parents, friends and supporters there as possible.

If anyone has any memorabilia or photographs of Cappagh YFC over the past 70 years it would be greatly appreciated if this could be borrowed for use on the night.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from any Cappagh member. For tickets or more details do not hesitate to contact Club leader, Adam Wilson on 07934377693, club secretary, Kerry Rea on 07517449483, club treasurer, Kyle Arnold on 07513565903 and club PRO Natalie Burrows on 07825848302.

Alternatively, you can keep up to date or contact the club on their Facebook page: Cappagh YFC.