Christmas fun at Cappagh YFC

Members of Cappagh YFC at their 'a la carte' night
Members of Cappagh YFC at their 'a la carte' night

Now that the Christmas season is over, and Cappagh YFC have hit January its time to look back on the wonderful month Cappagh YFC had in, out and about in December.

The month began on Friday 1st December 2017 with none other than Cappagh YFC’s table quiz and what a way to start with a wide range of teams turning up on the night.

The night was filled with confused faces, geniuses (and some not), a raffle and some delicious refreshments.

The teams that came out on top were:

YFC top – Glenhoy Road (Clogher Valley),

General top – Gortin Road Defenders with Spud Central coming in a close second and Quizteam Aguilera being placed third.

On Wednesday 6th December 2017 multiple Cappagh YFC members headed up to CAFRE, Loughry Campus, Cookstown for the YFCU choir festival. The members did a fantastic job with Lucy Thompson taking home the top prize for her solo.

Strabane YFC’s tractor run was held on Sunday 10th December 2017 with some of Cappagh YFC members heading that direction to participate. The tractors were done up for the festive season and looked brilliant,

Cappagh YFC’s 2017 meetings came to a close on Wednesday 13th December 2017 with the ‘a la carte’ night.

This night went down a treat especially because of the delicious food that was served, no matter the order they came in.

A big thank you to Sandra for the superb starter, William for the marvellous main and Katie McCay who made desserts which were demolished at the hall.

Although the 2017 meetings are over the good news is Cappagh’s meetings began back again on Wednesday 10th January 2017 at 7.45pm at Dunmullan Hall for a night of fitness and fun working off that Christmas turkey and endless chocolates.

For further information on Cappagh YFC contact: Alan (club leader) on 07508 576214 or Natalie (club secretary) on 07825 848302.